Parallel Session of International Forum on Innovation and Emerging Industries Held at Fudan

On November 2nd, the parallel session of the International Forum on Innovation and Emerging Industries themed “Information Technology and Industries of the Next Generation” was held at Guanghua Tower. President Xu Ningsheng welcomed the guests including Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Liu Yunjie, Academician of National Academy of Engineering and American Academy of Arts and Sciences Raj Reddy, President of IEEE Signal Processing Society Ray Liu, Professor of Columbia University Wang Xiaodong, Finnish Academy of Engineering Hannu Tenhunen, Michael Elliott from NetApp, CTO of OPPLE Company Qi Xiaoming, Vice President of TE Connecticity Roberto Lu, and Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Wu Jiangxing.

President Xu remarked, scientific and technological innovation directed the development of emerging industries, among which information technology was the most important driving force. In the past few decades, the field of information technology witnessed multiple breakthroughs such as the integrated circuit, the computer, the Internet, the mobile Internet, etc., which have promoted the global information revolution and would continue to trigger profound changes of human production and lifestyle. In the future, the new generation of information technology will focus on the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and big data and other areas of innovation, and then integrate their achievements with industry, agriculture, commerce, science,education, health, and national security, so as to push forward the development of society, economy and civilization.

Participants discussed on significant issues including the future trend of the networks, the innovative emerging industries benefiting 3 billion people, intelligent wireless technology for intelligent life, the latest research of information bilateral networks, talent cultivation for future information and telecommunication technology, “cloud” and big data, people-oriented intelligent lighting, advanced manufacturing technology in the 4.0 era of industry, and network security rebalancing strategies.

This session aims to gather entrepreneurs and experts in the field of information for open communication on the developmental trend and policy of the disruptive information industry. It is one of the five parallel sessions of the International Forum on Innovation and Emerging Industries organized by the China International Industry Fair.