Fudan Holds Commemoration of 150th Anniversary of Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Birthday

On the morning of October 21, the commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Birthday under the theme of “Passing on the Torch”, was held in Guanghua Tower in Fudan. The event, co-organized by Hong Kong Education Bureau, was also included in Hong Kong’s National Education Activity Series and attracted the attendance of 132 middle school students and teachers from Hong Kong.

Zhou Yaming, Associate Vice President of Fudan, welcomed the Hong Kong students in his speech. He praised Dr. Sun Yat-sen, an outstanding patriot and national hero for leaving invaluable spiritual legacy to the later generation, including Fudaners. Fudan University, he added, took it as its responsibility to admit and cultivate the most excellent students, students from Hong Kong included. There have been a large number of Hong Kong students graduating from Fudan who care about the development of China and the world. Zhou expressed his hope to see more Hong Kong graduates from Fudan play a pivotal role in social development.

Wu Kejian, Secretary of Hong Kong Education Bureau, said that the 150th anniversary of Dr. Sun’s birthday offered Hong Kong students and teachers a great opportunity to acquaint themselves with what Dr. Sun had experienced. They had already visited the Presidential Palace and Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum in Nanjing before coming to Shanghai. The visit was sure to make them understand more about Dr. Sun. He pointed out that “Hong Kong Education Bureau attaches great importance to having students know more about the mainland. Therefore, various mainland exchange programs have been held to let the students and teachers see the development and current situation of mainland themselves. By doing so, it is expected that they will know more about the history and culture of the mainland and realize the interdependence between the mainland and Hong Kong.”

A video about Fudan was also played, which covered Fudan’s history, campus scenery, academic achievements, student education with interviews with renowned professors, alumni and students.

Luo Renjun, a senior Hong Kong student at Fudan Law School, was invited to share her life at Fudan and gave the students a general picture about the education and opportunities in the mainland. She said that four years in Shanghai help her realize the reasons for cultural difference and embrace multiple cultures. “I never regret coming to Fudan, for I have stepped out of my comfort zone to feel the features of every city with my own eyes.”

Professor Zhang Qing with the Department of History delivered a lecture on “Dr. Sun Yat-sen and Modern China” from three perspectives, that is, “the great changes of modern China”, “Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s mental journey” and “Dr. Sun Yat-sen as an idealist”.

The Passing on the Torch National Education Platform was set up in 2010 by Hong Kong Education Bureau to promote National Education for the youth in Hong Kong. This event succeeded in deepening Hong Kong students’ understanding about Fudan, the mainland and also in enhancing the mutual friendship between Shanghai and Hong Kong.