Huashan Hospital’s The Son Won Innovation Award in the 2nd Shanghai Employees Micro Movie Competition

The Son, a micro movie made by the Publicity Department of Huashan Hospital, won the Innovation Award in the 2nd Shanghai Employees Micro Movie Competition. The awards ceremony was held at Shanghai Film Center on December 8.

The competition lasted for a whole year and attracted over 200 micro movies, among which 32 won the Awards for the Best Director, the Best Playwright, the Best Actor, etc. All of them will be shown in 34 venues across Shanghai.

The Son unfolds an impressive doctor-patient relationship. A medical worker has died during the rescue work following the Wenchuan Earthquake. Hard to accept her son’s death, the mother is mentally ill and so her daughter looks after her. Once, the mother suffers a heart attack and is hospitalized. During her treatment, she mistakes her physician-in-charge, Doctor Qiu, for her son. The doctor, however, does not mind and takes care of her meticulously, just like a son does to his mother.

It is worth mentioning that the micro movie also won the second place in the competition held by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning.