10th National Environmental Discipline Construction Seminar Held at Fudan

Themed “Double First-rate construction and opportunities for the environmental discipline”, the 10th National Environmental Discipline Construction Seminar was held at Fudan University on December 10-11, 2016.

At the opening ceremony, on behalf of Fudan University, Vice President Jin Li expressed the warmest welcome and gratitude to all the guests. He remarked that environmental science has become one of the most concerned disciplines in China, due to the impact of rapid economic development on the living environment. 2016 is the beginning year of the 13th Five-Year Plan and the Double First-rate construction. In this context, Fudan University has considered the environmental discipline as the key field for the Double First-rate construction. He hoped that the guests could put forward new ideas and new measures for environmental science in Chinese universities in accordance with the national strategic demands for environmental protection and ecological construction.

During the discussion, Academician Hao Jiming pointed out, the policies of water, atmosphere and soil environment governance provided a great opportunity for China's environmental science. He also remarked that the emphasis on teaching and talent training should be pivotal in the Double First-rate construction. Academician Peng Yongzhen maintained that the environmental discipline in China should pay close attention to applied research and IAR levels so as to provide a forceful scientific support for China’s environment industry. Academician He Kebin emphasized that the National Environmental Discipline Construction Seminar, as an exchange platform, played a key role for information exchanges, ideas enlightenment, mutual support and common development. In the next decade, there will be greater opportunities for environmental science in China. It is hoped that environmental disciplines of various universities can build discipline groups of various characteristics and geographical advantages. In this way, it can provide scientific and intellectual support for the development plans and research projects of Chinese national ecological protection.

The National Environmental Discipline Construction Seminar is an annual conference gathering together the heads from the key environmental schools of Chinese universities. It aims to strengthen exchanges and cooperation for the sound and rapid development of environmental science in China. This year, the seminar was co-hosted by Tsinghua University and Fudan University.