Fudan Holds 57th Track and Field Sports Games and 2nd Fun Sports Games

On May 19, the University’s 57th Track and Field Sports Games was grandly held on the Handan Campus. Deputy University Party Secretaries Chen Limin and Yuan Zhenghong, and the directors of Department of Physical Education attended the opening ceremony.

Participants marched into the sports field in the South Student Residence orderly at 8 a.m., showing the vitality of Fudan students and teachers. After the flag-raising ceremony, Yuan Zhenghong made the opening speech, wishing the Games a great success.  

Subsequently, Chen Limin, Yuan Zhenghong and the directors of Department of Physical Education presented the University’s annual sports awards to individuals and teams. Fudan Female Basketball Team was honored by the Annual Team Sports Award, and Mo Junjie and Sun Xiaomeng were recognized as the Best Male and Female athlete respectively.

The Games this year included thirteen male track and field events, twelve female track and field events and five team sports events. Also, eight competitions such as a darts competition and a ball-carrying relay were held for the Fun Sports Games.

It was estimated that a total of 1,500 students and faculty members enrolled in the sports competition, which highlighted the high morale and indomitable spirit of Fudaners.