Fudan Professors Zhou Yi and Fan Engui won 2017 Gu Chaohao Award

On May 16th, the 2017 Gu Chaohao Award Presentation Ceremony was held at the School of Mathematical Sciences to acknowledge the outstanding work of mathematical scientists at Fudan and commemorate Professor Gu Chaohao’s 91st birthday. University Party Secretary Jiao Yang, CAS Academicians Li Daqian, Hong Jiaxing, and Chen Shuxing, and other teachers and students attended the ceremony.

Professor Zhou Yi and Professor Fan Engui from School of Mathematical Sciences won the 2017 Gu Chaohao Award. Jiao Yang presented the award to the winners and encouraged students to learn from them the enthusiasm and pertinacity in their pursuit of mathematical achievement. Professor Zhou and Professor Fan also took the chance to share with the audience their memory of and gratitude to Professor Gu.