Summer school for students from BRIC member countries

A month-long Shanghai Summer School Program for students from BRICS member countries kicked off today at Fudan University, with 36 participants from Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa, nearly a 25-percent rise from last year.

This is the fourth year that Fudan has organized the program designed by the Shanghai Education Committee. It is an opportunity for students from other BRICS member countries to boost mutual exchanges and friendships with Chinese students, and improve their understandings about China and Chinese culture, as well as cooperation among BRICS and change in global governance.

In the following month, the participants will take courses on China’s politics and diplomacy, global governance and cooperation among BRICS countries, and ‘Happy in Shanghai’, an activity course on local culture.

Saul Moross, from South Africa, shared his experiences in last year’s program, saying the summer program had deepened his understanding about Chinese people, life and culture and helped him find a direction for future study.

Moross said he decided to attend the summer program as it was a good opportunity for students and scholars from different countries to communicate face to face.

He applied for a master’s program at Fudan and will kick off his study in international politics at the university in September.

The summer school has gained popularity in the past years, said the university, adding that the applicants doubled from last year to over 200 and 36 were admitted, compared to 29 last year.(From ShanghaiDaily)