Fudan Foreign Expert Win 2017 Shanghai Magnolia Award

The Shanghai Magnolia Award Ceremony was held on September 9. Among the award recipient was Kwok Tung Donald Li, Honorary Professor of Shanghai Medical College affiliated with Fudan University. Professor Li was presented the Award and the honor certificate by Zhang Xiaosong, Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government.

Professor Li, a British himself, has been devoted to promoting the exchange of general medicine between Shanghai and the international academia. With his effort, the research of general medicine in Shanghai took the lead in China and made a prominent contribution to the world. Under his guidance and help, the resident staff on general medicine in Zhongshan Hospital has completed the standardized training program in 2014, certified by the World Organization of National Colleges, Academies and Academic Associations of General Practitioners/Family Physicians (WONCA), which makes Zhongshan Hospital the first in mainland China to pass an international after-graduation education and training standards. Professor Li also played a key role in the exchange of general medicine between Shanghai and Hong Kong by actively engaging himself in promoting the comprehensive medical exchange between the two cities. He kept great enthusiasm in training general practitioners and cultivating excellent general medical talents. His effort urged the study of general medicine in Shanghai to walk in the forefront of domestic and international counterparts, and further enhanced the welfare of primary health care of the entire Shanghai community.

Established in 1989, the Shanghai Magnolia Award is presented mainly to foreign experts, scholars and business executives in Shanghai to recognize their outstanding contributions to the city in fields such as social development, economic construction, and cultural exchanges.

Source: Department of Foreign Affairs    Written by Zhao Min

Translated and edited by Zheng Xintong