Fudan Students Win Gold and Silver in iGEM Competition

BOSTON - Nov. 13, 2017 — In the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition (iGEM), Team Fudan of Fudan University won a gold medal and the Best Therapeutics Project Award, and was nominated multiple honors including Best Therapeutics Project, Best Software Tool, Best New Composite Part, and Best Part Collection. Another team of Fudan, Team Fudan_China, won a silver medal. The outstanding performance of the teams among all the competitors enabled Fudan to win again the gold and the individual award three years after the University’s last participation.

98 teams from China attended iGEM this year, including 83 from the Chinese mainland, 5 from Hong Kong, and 10 from Taiwan. Fudan University was represented by Team Fudan and Team Fudan_China, led by Professor Lu Daru, Vice Dean of School of Life Sciences(SLS). Team members were students from School of Life Sciences and Shanghai Medical College.

Team Fudan consisted of Yang Zijie, Pan Yijie, Wang Yiheng, Feng Ao, Cai Yiming, Xiong Xinxuan, Fu Tong, and Liu Yan. The team of coaches includes SLS Professor Cai Liang, Associate Professor Fu Jing from National Center for Liver Cancer,  Wang Jie and Hu Yefan.

Team Fudan_China consisted of Huang Tian, Ma Yixin, Liu Haiyun, Xu Xinyi, Zhao Suning, Dai Xinyu and Zhang Hanzhen. This team of coaches includes SLS Associate Professor Ding Xiaoming ,Yu Yucong and Xie Yang.

Both teams were sponsored by Yunfeng Capital.

Team Fudan designed the project Swords that featured antigen density dependent tri-response for therapeutic applications, while Team Fudan_China’s project focused on constructing a unique memory device with a sequential memory structure, called MemOrderY.

iGEM was first organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2003. After over 10 years’ development, iGEM is now considered as a prestigious, worldwide synthetic biology competition.  Research findings of the competing teams in iGEM have attracted the attention of both academia and industry.

Synthetic Biology, the theme of iGEM 2017, is an interdisciplinary branch developed in the 21st century. It stands on the foundation of life science, connecting many fields, including medical science, engineering, physics, chemistry, mathematics, IT, art and so on. The purpose of Synthetic Biology is the design and construction of artificial biological modules and systems, to enhance the application of life science researches and development in industry and real life. Its development goes counter to that of traditional biology, in that it attempts to build an artificial biological system out of the most basic components, a coded one that runs like an electric circuit.