Fudan Students achieve outstanding results in the 10th NCUIE

On November 18th, the 10th National Conference on Undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NCUIE), organized by the Ministry of Education, was opened in Dalian Maritime University. The conference was attended by officials from Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Department of Personnel and Education of the Ministry of Transport. Under the theme of “The 10th Year: A Single Spark Can Start a Fire”, 1, 300 delegates, including students, teachers, entrepreneurs and investors, gathered in Dalian to share achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship and exchange views on the future of education of innovation and entrepreneurship.

As one of the first ten pilot universities, Fudan University joined the National Undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program (NUIETP) in 2006 and initiated1, 478 projects within the framework of the program. Since the Ministry of Education held the first National Conference on Undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship in 2008, projects from Fudan University were selected into this conference  every year and won the Excellent Paper Award for multiple times.  This year, students from Fudan stood out again in the conference - Shu Lan, a fifth-year student in the School of Pharmacy and Xie Pinchen, a senior in the Department of Physics, won the Excellent Paper Award. Shu was tutored by Sun Tao, a young research associate of School of Pharmacy, and Xie by Zhang Zhongzhi, a research associate of School of Computer Science. Their papers were culled from 461 academic papers recommended by the Ministry of Education’s affiliated universities and local departments of education. Shu also delivered a report in the closing ceremony on behalf of the award winners.

Since NUIETP was initiated in 2007, more than 1, 000 universities or colleges have joined this program, covering 31 provinces, autonomous regions or municipalities; more than 180, 000 national projects have been sponsored for over 3, 000, 000, 000 RMB; about 700, 000 students from all kinds of majors have participated in the program. In order to enhance the communication between universities and students, the Ministry of Education has held NCUIE annually since 2008. About 7, 000 students and teachers have attended the conference, and about 2, 600 projects or papers have been shared.

In fact, Fudan's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (FDUOP) has a longer history than NUIETP or NCUIE. Professor Li Zhengdao established the Junzheng Fund in 1998. Since then, Fudan University has always been encouraging every excellent undergraduate to do his/her own research with the help of a tutor. Based on the experience of the Junzheng Program, Fudan University established Wangdao Program, Xiyuan Program and Denghui Program, in order to further meet students’ academic need of all kinds. Now the FDUROP with multiple sub-programs is systematic, comprehensive and well-organized. In the past 20 years, over 4, 000 undergraduates have participated in the FDUROP. In recent years, the number of participants per year exceeds 500. Many of the participants have become famous researchers in their fields, such as Professor Li Hui of School of Life Sciences and Professor Zheng Gengfeng of Department of Chemistry. Young researchers, like Zhang Anqi, Li Jun, Peng Bo and Shu Lan, also started to cut a striking figure in their fields. All of them credit their achievements to the FDUROP and consider it as a guide to their respective research career.