Forefront Refractive Surgery Course: SMILE.Advanced course on refractive surgery from E&ENT Hospital of Fudan University

Sunday 29th April 2018 –Tuesday 1st May 2018
At the E&ENT Hospital of Fudan University, 19 Baoqing Road, and 2600 Jiangyue Road, Shanghai, China

Friday 15th June 2018 - Sunday 17th June 2018
At the E&ENT Hospital of Fudan University, 19 Baoqing Road, and 2600 Jiangyue Road, Shanghai, China

Open to ophthalmologists - limited places available.

Course Overview
The aim of this course is to provide corneal refractive surgeons who are interested in starting or are already performing small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) with a detailed description of all aspects of the procedure.

The focus of the course will be on practical details and surgical pearls set against the backdrop of our experience of over 55,000 SMILE procedures (Top 1 in the world) and research. Essentially, we consider this to be a surgical video-fellowship that enables the attendee to learn from complications as well as successes. Each aspect of the course is taught in granular detail so that the attendee will feel very well equipped to make improvements to their current practice or starting to perform SMILE with a wide knowledge base to reduce the learning curve.

Prof. Zhou Xingtao, MD, Ph.D, nickname ‘Dr. SMILE’
Prof. Zhou serves as Board Member of APAO, Deputy director of Ophthalmology, Deputy Dean of E&ENT Hospital of Fudan University, Head of Shanghai Laser Medicine.
He has engaged in clinical and scientific research in refractive surgery for more than 20 years. He is the first surgeon to perform refractive lenticule extraction (FLEx& SMILE) in China. He and his team have achieved more than 20,000 LASEK, 55,000 SMILE and 20,000 LASIK surgeries. He has successfully hold 6 APAC ICL advanced course. He currently serves as director of ICL Expert Committee and deputy director of SMILE Expert Committee in China.
He has published more than 100 peer-review papers as the first author or corresponding author, with 1956 citations in total and 1012 citations by others. Among his publications, 8 papers are published as the cover on Journal of Refractive Surgery.

Prof. Wang Xiaoying, MD, Ph.D, nickname ‘Queen SMILE’
Associate Prof. Yao Peijun, MD, Ph.D
Associate Prof. Wu Ying, MD, Ph.D
Associate Prof. Qian Yishan, MD, Ph.D
Dr. Huang Jia, MD, Ph.D
Dr. Qin Bing, MD, Ph.D
Dr. Xu Ye, MD, Ph.D
Dr. Ding Lan, MD, Ph.D
Dr. Li Meiyan, MD, Ph.D
Dr. Zhao Jing, MD, Ph.D
Dr. Shen Yang, MD, Ph.D
Dr. Miao Huamao, MD, Ph.D
Dr. Zhao Yu, MD, Ph.D
Dr. Yang Dong, MD

Course Outline
Day 15pm – 9pm
VisuMax introduction
Treatment planning and a parameter selection for SMILE
Day 2 9am – 6pm
Preoperative assessment for a SMILE patient
Patient selection for SMILE
Docking, centration and cyclotorsion control
Surgical technique for a routine SMILE procedure
Suction stability management (suction loss and eye movements)
Energy and spot spacing settings, OBL, and black spots
Management of intraoperative complications
Management of postoperative complications
Routine retreatment options after SMILE
Day 2 7pm – late: Social evening
Day 3 9am – 1pm
Workshop on SMILE and dry eye
Workshop on SMILE and Microdistortions in Bowman’s Layer
Workshop on SMILE and astigmatism
Workshop on development of a personal nomogram
Workshop on therapeutic refractive surgery

Handout Including
PDFs of all lectures
Peer-viewed publications
Other resources

All Course $1,000 including Wet-lab and social evening

Contact email
Please send your name, hospital name, and country name to to register your interest for this SMILE course from E&ENT Hospital of Fudan University, China.