Fudan University Holds Commencement for Graduate Class of 2018

On the afternoon of June 29, the commencement of Fudan University for the Graduate Class of 2018 was held in Zhengda Stadium. University Party Secretary Jiao Yang, President Xu Ningsheng and other leaders and representatives of departments and offices attended the ceremony to witness the graduation of more than 4,000 graduate students of the Class of 2018. The graduation ceremony was hosted by Executive Vice President Gui Yonghao.

Perpetuate the Fudan spirit with home, nation and world in mind

Before the ceremony, teachers, graduates and parents watched the 2018 graduate student commemorative film “Fudan Bond, National Mind". This 10-minute film left the graduates reminiscent of their memories, in the laughters of youthful joy and the tears of unfinished grand cause and unfulfilled ambition. The countless past and love intertwined in the memories  were evoked, once again reminding them of Fudan’s motto “Rich in knowledge and tenacious of purposes, inquiring the earnestness and reflecting with self-practice”.

Xu Zheng, Deputy Secretary of the University Party Committee, read the names of 2018 Shanghai Outstanding Graduates. For a long time, Fudan University has actively guided and encouraged graduates to consciously combine their personal development with the needs of the country and the people. They need to realize their personal values in the process of realizing the "Chinese Dream" of the great rejuvenation of the nation. The University sent gifts and souvenirs to the graduate who would go and work in the important positions in the west, and encouraged them not to forget their original mission, and remember to make contributions to their motherland and the people who need them most.

To be a Fudaner leading the trend in the new era

"You should establish the determination to lead the time and the future!" At the starting point of the graduates' new life, Xu Ningsheng encouraged everyone to be a Fudaner of the new era.

Xu pointed out that this trend of the times is the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, which is increasingly manifesting a bright future. It is also the construction of a community of shared destiny, which is increasingly becoming the cornerstone of world peace and development. It is the innovation-oriented strategy, which is increasingly becoming the core strategy to achieve future development. He expressed his ardent expectations to the graduates - to have wisdom and solidarity, and thus respond to the call of the times with innovative actions; to dedicate to one’s career and group, and thus achieve greater goals through win-win cooperation; to root in China, and thus revitalize the great cause while enhancing personal achievements; and to inherit culture, and thus lead the world trend with Chinese wisdom.

"We are entering an era where thoughts shape fate." Zhang Jun, Dean of School of Economics, spoke as a representative of teachers. He pointed out that though basic training can be important, the speed of the change in the world is far beyond our imagination. Therefore, we must be able to adapt and cope with it in order to keep up with the pace of our times. "In this era, the vision, height, values ​​and worldview of yours that have been shaped by the spirit of Fudan are the source of your strength to promote China's overall progress in the future." Ouyang Xiaoping, an alternate member of the 19th Central Committee and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, spoke as a representative of alumni. He shared his thoughts with the graduates - there is no end to learning and striving, only innovation creates value, and the graduates need to take responsibility given to the youths by our times.

Zhou Wenjie, a 2018 doctoral graduate of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, spoke as a representative of the graduates. She recalled her growth and experiences in medical researches in Fudan and thanked Fudan for providing her with the knowledge, ability and confidence. Facing the new transition, she called for a common exploration of the future world: "As long as there is love in our hearts, there will be light in our eyes, and there will be strength at our feet. Let us create a life worthy of the times!”

“Fudaners should be the pillars of those who are determined to seek happiness for the people, seek the revival for the nation, and seek harmony for the world. The broad stage of the times awaits you, and the bright future is welcoming you." President Xu Ningsheng sent a message to the graduates - Keep in mind the mission of your home and country, the hopes of your alma mater, and build the new era, lead the trend of the times, and achieve your life goals in the persistent striving.

"The alma mater will always care about you, pay attention to you, support you, and bless you!" Xu’s speech is full of eager expectations and deep blessings of the graduates’ alma mater, and received the warm applause of the graduates.

Vice President Jin Li read the announcement of the school degree evaluation committee, and Zhang Renhe, Dean of the graduate school, presided over the degree awarding ceremony. The graduate students received the degree certificates from the leaders of the University, the members of the degree evaluation committee, the heads of the departments, the members of the degree evaluation sub-committee and the representatives of the supervisors, which marked the end of their enriched and enterprising graduate career.