Fudan University Holds Commencement for Undergraduate Class of 2018

On the morning of June 29, the commencement ceremony for undergraduate Class of 2018 was held at the Zhengda Stadium of Fudan University. University Party  Secretary Jiao Yang, President Xu Ningsheng, and leaders and representatives of various departments and offices attended the ceremony, celebrating the graduation of more than 3,300 students. The ceremony was hosted by Executive Vice President Gui Yonghao.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the graduation commemorative film "Possible" attracted the students’ full attention, leaving them reminiscent of the beautiful scenes and memories of studying and living together at Fudan, and the infinite possibilities brought by the University.

Vice-president Zhou Yaming announced the recipients of Teaching Excellence Awards. These award-winning teachers, including academic instructors and class mentors, were selected by the graduates and were honored by the flowers and gratitude of their students during the ceremony.

“University is a place to impart knowledge and preserve ideals.” Ge Zhaoguang, a senior professor of liberal arts and the Founding Dean of the National Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies of Fudan University, delivered a speech to the graduates of Class of 2018 as a teacher representative. Then, Gesang Dunzhu, an alumnus  of Department of Clinical Medicine (Class 1998), and Vice President and Director of Department of Neurosurgery of the No.2 People’s Hospital of Tibet, recalled his days at Fudan and shared with the graduates his own thoughts, regarding specialized learning, hometown construction and life plans.

Xu Zheng, Deputy Secretary of the University Party Committee, announced the list of 2018 Outstanding Graduates of Shanghai universities, and the list of 2018 “Graduate Stars”. Guests at the graduation ceremony bestowed them with the honor certificates.

Jin Yujia, a graduate of School of Mathematical Sciences, thanked her alma mater for giving her the freedom of choice, courage to try,  broad vision and rich resources, for the warm and comfortable campus, and for developing in her a grateful heart. She said to her fellow students: "No matter where you are, I think you need to bring with you all the things that Fudan has offered, and run towards a new life." She said to her alma mater: "I want to say thank you, thank you for shaping part of our life and our identity. I also want to say that I’m honored, very honored to stay a Fudaner after graduation!"

A student from Bangladesh spoke as the representative of international students. "I really enjoyed my life at Fudan, and I will always remember these wonderful memories. I never said it but I want to say today: Fudan, I love you!" After graduation, he chooses to continue his studies and hopes to stay in China. By bringing China's advanced technology back to Bangladesh, he wants to make his own contribution to the friendship between the two countries.

To be a Fudaner who grasps the future in the new era

"Today is an important milestone in your life. Everyone will start a new chapter of life!" Graduation is a temporary end, but it is also a new beginning. Hoping for a brighter future for all the graduates, President Xu Ningsheng encouraged them “to strive for their own cause, for social development, and for the progress of human civilization” and wished they could be “Fudaners that grasp the future in the new era.”

“To be a Fudaner who grasps the future” is an idea formed in the  “2020 First Class Undergraduate Promotion Plan of Fudan University”. The 2018 graduates were the first batch of graduates after the University implemented the plan. To truly become “a Fudaner who grasps the future", students still need to learn, practice and improve in society after graduation.

President Xu pointed out the historical position and life coordinates for the graduates: "The heyday of your life to pursue your career is highly consistent with the tacky period and sprint period of the 'two hundred years' goal, and you will become the witnesses and participants of the great revival cause of China, and also become the creators and promoters of history. Students should cherish and embrace this new era!” He delivered his message to the graduates: To have a global vision is to better understand the future; to have the sense of home and country is to better grasp the future; to have an innovative spirit is to better lead the future.