Fudan University Holds Working Conference on Foreign Affairs

On November 23rd, Fudan University held the Working Conference on Foreign Affairs in Guanghua Towers. Jiao Yang, Secretary of the University Party Committee, and Xu Ningsheng, University President, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Executive Vice President Gui Yonghao presided over the meeting. Vice President Chen Zhimin gave a strategic report on the opening-up and cooperation of the University. Vice Presidents Jin Li, Zhou Yaming, Zhang Renhe and Xu Lei attended the meeting.

The meeting proposed the “three-step” strategy for Fudan’s work on foreign affairs towards 2050, which matches the goal of constructing a “double first-class” university. It also clarified the focus of the Universitys work on foreign affairs in the next five years - to build a grand foreign affairs structure that shifts from communication to cooperation. That is, service-oriented working ideaology previously adopted to promote foreign communication should be transformed into a development-oriented ideology that supports discipline construction, accelerates scientific research, expands channels of talent cultivation, and improves talent quality.

To realize the strategic goal of constructing a world-class university with Chinese characteristics, the point of departure of our work should be to serve the national mission, academic innovation, and talent cultivation. Our work needs to improve the overall quality of education and the global influence of the University, make Fudan a globally outstanding educational, academic and cultural center, and contribute to the construction of the community of common destiny and the progress of human civilization.


Translated and Edited by Zhu Ziling