Lancang-Mekong Youth Exchange and Cooperation Center Launched

On July 22, the launching ceremony of Lancang-Mekong Youth Exchange and Cooperation Center was held at Fudan University.
Group Photo at the Inauguration Ceremony
Leaders from Royal University of Phnom Penh, Fudan University, Qinghai University, Guangxi University of Finance and Economics, National University of Laos, University of Yangon, Prince of Songkla University and VNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hanoi (USSH), etc. signed a MoU on Lancang-Mekong Youth Exchange and Cooperation Center.
Jiao Yang
“Higher education is a key factor in promoting modernization and sustainable development of the basin. The concept of a Lancang-Mekong national community with shared future is deeply rooted in the youth, and these regions will thus share a bright future,” said Jiao Yang, Chairperson of the Fudan University Council.
Lattana Thavonsouk
“Shared concerned and common issues must be addressed in a cooperative spirit and involve all concerned stakeholders. An environment of trust must be developed and fostered, with opportunities created to use diplomacy as spearhead to peacefully solve common concerns,” said Lattana Thavonsouk, Consul General of the Lao PDR. 

Yang Weiren
Vice Inspector from Shanghai Municipal Education Commission Yang Weiren believes the center marks a new achievement of youth exchanges in the basin and a new level of international cooperation of higher education.

Ji Lingpeng
Ji Lingpeng, Vice National Coordinator from Lancang-Mekong Cooperation China Secretariat, put that “the center will establish a new platform to promote people-to-people exchanges and higher education cooperation in the Lancang-Mekong basin.”