Delegation from Rhodes House visited Fudan

A delegation from the Rhodes Scholarship, led by Elizabeth Kiss, Warden of Rhodes House and CEO of the Rhodes Trust, visited Fudan University on September 18. Vice President Chen Zhimin received the guests on behalf of President Xu Ningsheng. Vice President of Fudan College Wu Xiaohui, Deputy Director of Student Affairs Huang Jie, along with Fudan alumni Jiang Xilin and Zhong Yutong, also attended the meeting.
The Rhodes Scholarship was founded in 1903 by British mining tycoon Cecil John Rhodes. It is a global scholarship that enjoys the reputation of “Nobel Prize for undergraduate students worldwide”. Each year, only 0.7% of the applications are approved. Recipients of the Rhodes Scholarship, also called the “Rhodes Scholars”, include Nobel Laureate in economics Andrew Michael Spence and former President and CEO of the Boston Consulting Group Hans-Paul Bürkner. The Rhodes Scholarship provides financial aid for students all around the world who are devoted to studying at Oxford University.
Since the Rhodes Trust announced China as a Rhodes Scholarship constituency in 2015, graduates of our university, Gong Chenzhuo and Jiang Xilin, have been among the Rhodes Scholars, with many others having made it to the final round of the Rhodes Scholarship for China.
Previously, Former Warden of Rhodes House Charles Conn visited Fudan in 2014, and President Xu Ningsheng led a delegation to attend the launching ceremony of the Rhodes Scholarship in Beijing in 2015. This is the first time Doctor Elizabeth Kiss has visited universities in China since she was nominated as Warden of Rhodes House and CEO of the Rhodes Trust in 2018. 
Attendees at the meeting exchanged views on past cooperation, current development and possible partnerships between the two parties. A new round of application for the Rhodes Scholarship has now begun. Both parties hope for more outstanding Fudan graduates and alumni to apply for the award.