Fudan University already had campus media in its early days. It started producing printed media in 1916, run by Fudan Public School students. Almost a hundred years of campus media tradition have continued to the present day. Fudan’s campus media are an important channel for communication within the school, and an essential channel for exchange of thought between teachers and students, as well as an important cultural platform on campus.

Besides the school newspaper, Fudan’s school-level campus media is currently all edited, delivered, and published by students, with teachers only taking on a guidance role. For example, the Fudan University Radio Station, Fudan University TV Station, Fudan Youth newspaper, Fudan Weekly Paper, etc. The Fudan News and Communication Agency writes for the school newspaper Fudan. The agency is a student news organization founded in 1931 which has since been reestablished several times. 

Fudan School Newspaper

Fudan is Fudan University’s school newspaper. It began publication on Febuary 5, 1952. It resumed publication after the Cultural Revolution, with the newspaper’s name written by Su Buqing. In January 2004, to meet the needs of the school’s development, the newspaper was expanded from four-page tabloid to eight-page tabloid format. In April 2009, the newspaper switched to a metropolitan newspaper format. The official publication registration number is CN31-0801/G, an 8 or 12 page tabloid, with 18,000 copies printed per issue. It is currently the school newspaper with the longest history and highest circulation volume in Shanghai.

Alumni Publication: Fudan Tribe

This publication is run by the Fudan University Alumni Organization and the Fudan University Campus Liaison Office. There was a trial publication in 2009, followed by the first regular publication in November 2012. It is published quarterly, with 10,000 copies distributed each quarter. The alumnus Li Lanqing created the seal with the characters for “Fudan Tribe” and made a gift of the characters “I belong to the Fudan Tribe” printed on the cover. The publication contains stories from Fudan, and records campus events, events related to teachers and students, friendships among schoolmates, and announces important accomplishments of alumni both inside and outside the country, as well as local alumni association events.

Fudan University Radio

Fudan University Radio was established in the 1950s under the school’s news media management, and students are responsible for its daily operation. Besides the Handan Campus, Fenglin Campus also has its own station with news gathering, editing, and broadcasting abilities. The Jiangwan and Zhangjiang campuses simultaneously broadcast the Handan campus’ programming over the Internet. The Handan Campus broadcasting station is located on the west side of Building 0. The station broadcasts one hour of programming every day from Monday to Friday.

Fudan University’s Television Station (Channel U)

Run by Fudan University’s student association, it is the nation’s first completely independently run campus television station operated by university students. It was created in June 2003, and test broadcasts began on the Fudan Student Web on September 14th. Through more than ten years of development, the television station’s hardware and software has been continuously updated. It is able to regularly broadcast news and special programming through school television terminals and over the network.

Fudan Youth

Fudan Youth is the official newspaper of Fudan University’s Youth League committee. It has definite influence among the nation’s colleges and universities. The paper is oriented towards students on campus, and is a biweekly with a circulation of approximately 5,000 copies. Fudan Youth is the school’s only folio-printed student newspaper, and has the aim of “experiencing the creative paper of newspaper,” leading, serving, and gathering the new generation of university students.

Fudanren Weekly

Fudanren Weekly is the nation’s first weekly campus newspaper created independently by students. “Following the people of Fudan and everything they follow,” staying close to campus life, it follows campus trends and offers in-depth reporting, as well as debate, discussion, popular sentiments as well as literary and artistic tastes. After more than ten years of trials and hardships, she has become the student paper with the largest circulation and shortest period of publication in the nation.