Fudan University currently has five four-year residential colleges, each named after a different former college president’s given name or courtesy name. Zhide College commemorates Fudan’s founder Ma Xiangbo (given name Zhide), with green as the color of its uniform and flag; Tengfei College commemorates former school president Li Denghui (courtesy name Tengfei), with red as its color; Keqing College commemorates the founder of Shanghai Medical College, Yan Fuqing (courtesy name Keqing), and its color is blue; Renzhong College commemorates the first school president after the Liberation, Chen Wangdao (courtesy name Renzhong), with the color orange; and Xide College commemorates Fudan’s first female president Xie Xide, with the color purple.

The colleges are divided up based on the different dormitory areas, with mutually independent spaces, including housing and a public area within each space. The layout of the dormitories within each college is based on the overlap of academic disciplines and the blending of different areas of study. The function of the colleges is to realize education through culture in a residential setting. They are a space shared by students and teachers alike, and are an educational platform managed by the students themselves. The dean of each college is one of the school’s senior professors. The colleges include a board of management to assist the dean, a student-run board of management composed of students from within the college which independently establishes the various committees and carries out the functions of self-management and service, as well as self-education.

College life is an important part of learning outside the classroom and campus culture, allowing students to increase their own academic interest and cultural attainment, as well as practicing their interpersonal communication and social leadership skills, and molding their social responsibility and leadership, all very important functions. The school fully respects the dean’s leadership of the college, and respects the students’ power to make their own decisions in the management of the college, fostering development of the students’ ability to manage themselves.

Zhide College

Zhide College commemorates Fudan’s founder Ma Xiangbo. Its college color is green, and the characters above the gate are written in Qin script (small seal script, which is symbolic of Chinese character unification in ancient times. The college’s couplet reads “Set your heart upon righteousness, support yourself with virtue, lean upon benevolence, and find enjoyment in art; to cultivate your person, regulate your family, and order well your nation, you must first rectify your heart.” The college’s cultural hallmarks include “college day” on the 7th of every month, “Zhide students’ visit to high schools,” “Zhide Ascending Heights,” and “Zhide Poetry Fesitival.”

Tengfei College

Tengfei College commemorates former Fudan president Li Denghui. It is represented by the color red. The characters above the gate are written in Han clerical script, which greatly increased the speed of writing, thus allowing for more rapid transmission of culture. The college couplet reads: “Heaven starts, the earth continues, thoroughly understanding past and present, above and below, always flying and swimming free; empty of desire, moving ahead bravely, entirely forgetting self and other, within and without, nothing but a full moon high tide.” The college’s cultural hallmarks include “Tengfei Forum,” “Tengfei Orientation”, and “Tengfei Month.”

Keqing College

Keqing College commemorates the founder of Shanghai Medical College, Yan Fuqing. Keqing College’s color is blue, and the characters above the gate are written in Northern Wei tablet script, which was used to inscribe records on tablets during the Northern and Southern dynasties telling of the honorable character of the ancient sages. The college’s couplet reads: “When studying you face the sages, and should know what you want to learn; when resolving your will your mind is on the nation, but you strive to have a clear conscience.” The college’s cultural hallmarks include “People of Keqing Day,” “the Keqing Summit”, and the college publication New Year of Qing.

Renzhong College

Renzhong College commemorates the first school president after the Liberation, Chen Wangdao. The college color is orange, and the characters above the gate are written in Tang Dynasty regular script. The appearance of this script represents the evolution of writing from ancient to modern times. The school’s couplet reads “Concerted study is like always being one basket of earth short of building a mountain; practicing benevolence is like the Dharma sea, which though full can still take the flow from a thousand rivers.” The college song with words written by a student is “The Will of Renzhong Students”, and cultural hallmarks include the “Renzhong Salon,” “Renzhong Age”, and “Renzhong Athletic Week”.

Xide College

Xide College commemorates our school’s outstanding female president Xie Xide. Xide College’s color is purple. The inscription over the gate is written in Qin and Han Dynasty ancient clerical script, from the Qin Shuihudi and Han Yinque Mountain bamboo texts, forming the characters for “Xide College”. The college’s couplet comes from Hunan’s Heng Mountain Jixian Acadamy: “Famous words, meritorious service, virtuous deeds: these are called immortal; virtuous hopes, sagely aspirations, literary pursuits: these everyone can undertake.” “Teacher forums”, “the Qingyun conference”, and student-run clubs are the college’s cultural hallmarks.