Featured Stories

“International Human Phenome Project (Phase I)” Launched in Shanghai April 19, 2018
Fudan Hosts the First Shanghai-Cambridge Workshop on Cognitive Neuroscience April 19, 2018
Fudan Establishes Two New First-Level Disciplines Granting Doctoral Degrees April 19, 2018
Chairperson Jiao meets Alumni in Vancouver April 19, 2018
Noble Laureate Oliver Hart Visits School of Economics April 19, 2018
Debut of Xianghui Hall after Renovation April 19, 2018
Nature Publishes Latest Findings on Neurogenesis in Hippocampus by Fudan Professor March 21, 2018
Fudan Mourns the Loss of Professor Hao Bailin March 21, 2018
School of Management of Fudan Stays First Among Mainland China Business Schools in UTD Rankings March 21, 2018
Orientation Week for New Exchange Students Successfully Concluded March 21, 2018
Five Nobel Laureates gather at Fudan Science and Innovation Forum to discuss cutting-edge global technology and future innovation January 15, 2018
President Xu Ningsheng arrives at Hungary signing co-operation agreement to set up a Budapest campus January 15, 2018
Research Result of Huashan Hospital Hand Surgery Team Benefits Patients of Central Hemiplegia January 15, 2018
Fudan delegation attends 5th China-UK High-Level People-to-People Dialogue December 26, 2017
Fudan Microelectronics Researchers
Make Vital Progress on Read-out of High-density Ferroelectric Memories
December 26, 2017
Fudan Students achieve outstanding results in the 10th NCUIE December 20, 2017
Fudan Students Win Gold and Silver in iGEM Competition December 20, 2017
Five Fudaners Elected as Academician of CAS December 20, 2017
Fudan Research Team Successfully Reveals Sensing and Signal Transduction System of Amino Acid December 20, 2017
Fudan programming team wins Champion in 2017 ACM-ICPC Hong Kong Regional Contest December 9, 2017

Campus News

2017 Fudan-Zhongzhi Science Award Announcement July 23, 2017
Summer school for students from BRIC member countries July 6, 2017
Fudan Professors Zhou Yi and Fan Engui won 2017 Gu Chaohao Award June 6, 2017
Fudan University and ASEAN Academic Institutions Jointly Set Up the Network of ASEAN-China Academic Institutes May 30, 2017
Sino-Swiss Quantum and Nano Process Summit held at Fudan May 30, 2017
Fudan hosts 2017 voluntary blood drive May 27, 2017
Professor Huang Youyi Shares Translation Experience with Fudan Students May 27, 2017
Fourteen Fudan faculty members selected into Changjiang Scholars Program May 27, 2017
Fudan and CAS Reveals Molecular Mechanism of Autism May 27, 2017
NPC Deputies and CCPCC Members of Fudan Live up to Their Duties May 27, 2017
EYE & ENT Hospital of Fudan University Provides Medical Consultation on Ear-care Day May 27, 2017
China Association of City Planning Cooperates with Fudan in Urban and Rural Planning May 27, 2017
Fudan University Reports Achievements of “Double First-Class” Plan May 26, 2017
Fudan-Guanghua International Forum for Young Scholars-- Humanities and Social Sciences Sub-Forum March 17, 2017
Dean of University of North Carolina Visits Fudan School of Pharmacy January 13, 2017
Fudan Professor of Information Science and Technology Appionted as Adjunct Professor by University of Alberta January 13, 2017
2016 China Anti-Money Laundering Summit Concluded at Fudan January 12, 2017
Fudan Opens Blockchain Innovation Center January 12, 2017
Fudan Holds 2nd International Seminar on Cross-Cultural Communication of Chinese Language January 11, 2017
Fudan Researchers Proposes New Approach to Age-related Cataract Study January 11, 2017


Forefront Refractive Surgery Course: SMILE.Advanced course on refractive surgery from E&ENT Hospital of Fudan University March 21, 2018
Forefront Refractive Surgery Course: SMILE Advanced course on refractive surgery from E&ENT Hospital of Fudan University March 21, 2018
The Law of One Price: New Evidence from China (1997-2012) December 2, 2016
Several recent advances for coupling porous media flow with free flow November 21, 2016
On the logarithmic Chow semistability of polarized toric manifolds November 21, 2016
An Energy Preserving Monolithic Eulerian Fluid-Structure Finite Element Method October 17, 2016
Maximum a posteriori estimates and sparsity in Bayesian inversion October 17, 2016
Next Generation Polymer Nanostructures October 17, 2016
A Shadow Rate New Keynesian Model October 17, 2016
The conical K\"ahler-Ricci flow with weak initial data on Fano manifolds October 8, 2016
Scattering problem for the generalized Korteweg-de Vries equation October 8, 2016
Structure Change, Development of Service Industry and Declining Inequality in Urban China October 8, 2016
Improving Environmental, Health and Safety in Supply Chains: Some Preliminary Studies October 8, 2016
On the ghost conjecture of Bergdall and Pollack June 20, 2016
Statistical Analysis of Big Data: A Few Problems and Challenges June 20, 2016
Gender Differences in the Initiation of Salary Negotiation: Evidence from Behavioral Experiments June 20, 2016
Stability of free interface problems May 31, 2016
Incompatible European Partners? Cultural Predispositions and Household Financial Behavior May 24, 2016
Subjective Mean Variance Preferences Without Expected Utility May 24, 2016