In its progress towards becoming a world-class university, Fudan University has held fast to its core mission of developing elite talent, carrying on the Fudan spirit of “patriotism, contribution, service, and sacrifice,” and always staying at the forefront of China’s higher education reform. Fudan’s goal in education is focused on China and the world 20 years from now, developing leading professional talent with a feel for the arts, a scientific spirit, and an international field of vision.

Over the past 30 years, Fudan University has devoted itself to promoting China’s higher education reform. Fudan was among China’s first group of schools to establish a graduate school, the earliest to establish a system based on credits, a liberal arts education reform, broad specialty reform, and independent recruitment reform. It also took the initiative in establishing Fudan College (Fudan’s undergraduate division), and in developing a liberal arts curriculum and residential college system.

Fudan prioritizes individualized development of every student, underlying university heritage and providing diversified opportunities for learning and freedom for choices. Currently, the University has 2,700 full-time faculty members, 14,100 undergraduates and 14,800 graduates, including about 3,000 international degree students from 120 countries and regions. Fudan offers 5650 courses every year and sends over 2,300 students aboard for exchanges. The University offers 100 million in CNY as scholarship and comprehensive tuition funding schemes. The students may choose from abundant resources and programs including Wangdao Top-Notch Project for Undergraduates and Innovation Plan for Graduate Students, participating in activities of over 310 student clubs, internships and volunteer programs. The students are expected to become dedicated to their life pursuit, ambitious with their career development and delighted with their personal interest through systematic learning, academic training, free exploring and constant engagement.


Undergraduate education at Fudan is characteristic of general education breadth-oriented specialized education at Fudan college which is responsible for core curricula of general education, development of the residential colleges, leading the specialized education of various departments and oversees the undergraduate programs of the University. Please refer to the Admission Homepage for Undergraduate Programs and Scholarship and Grant-in-aid Information for Undergraduate Students for details.

Graduate Education

Fudan University lays equal emphasis on research innovation and high-end specialized talents in its graduate education. Fudan Graduate School is responsible for overall planning and management of graduate degree and educational programs while the schools and departments offer graduate programs. Please refer to Admission Homepage for Graduate Programs and Scholarship and Grant-in-aid Information for Graduate Students for details.

International Student

It is an important part of Fudan University’s international strategy that the University shall offer high-quality educational programs to international students. The Foreign Student Office is responsible for all affairs related to international students including admission, education programs, exchange programs and graduation. Fudan International Culture Exchange School is responsible for teaching and promoting of the Chinese language. Please refer to Admission Homepage for Overseas Students and Scholarship and Grant-in-aid Information for Overseas Students for details.

Continuing Education

Fudan College of Continuing Education and Distant Education College offer both degree programs and non-degree/training programs, which are important components of the University’s service to society. Office of Non-degree Education Programs is responsible for all non-degree program of the University. Please refer to Admission Homepage for School of Continuing Education and Admission Homepage for School of Network Education for details.