In 1950, Fudan University took on a key academic position in China. Since the 1960s, Fudan has represented the highest level of academic achievement among the nation’s colleges and universities, reflecting the fast pace of development of China’s science education. Its international academic influence is still strengthening.

Fudan University has been known for its balanced excellence and uniqueness in humanities, science and medical science. Currently, there are 11 Level I national key disciplines and 19 Level II national key disciplines. 61.8% of Fudan’s doctoral programs belong to the above Level I or II disciplines. There are 15 disciplines are among ESI 1% in the world, which ranking No. 2nd in China. There are 3 disciplines in science and engineering ranking top 100 in the world. Clinical Medicine is also of world class. There are 410 quality research organizations within Fudan, including 5 national key laboratories, 32 provincial key laboratories, 6 Key Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education or of Shanghai Municipality, and 8 Key Research Centers of Humanities and Social Sciences of Ministry of Education

The medium-term goals of Fudan’s academic development include: to establish a number of world-class academic centers and national technology platforms, to strive for original academic achievements with Chinese characteristics and international influence, to strengthen the capacity of platforms for innovative scientific research catering to important needs of the nation, to enhance the central competitiveness in scientific research,  scientific innovation and decision-making abilities, and to improve services to national and regional economic developments.

Department Planning

The medium-term goals of Fudan’s department planning include: to ensure that all the departments excel in the nation, that some departments reach international standards, and that the international influence of various departments be expanded significantly. The Development Planning Office is in charge of department planning, the election, investigation, and examination of key disciplines.

Humanities and Social Sciences

Research in the humanities and social sciences at Fudan is committed to transmitting and innovating culture. With “national construction” as its thesis, the research focuses on studies of Chinese traditional culture, Chinese problems, and communication as well as cooperation with the rest of the world. The Office of Sciences and Humanities is a comprehensive functional department responsible for administration of the school’s humanities and social sciences research.

Natural Sciences and Engineering

Research in the natural sciences and engineering at Fudan is actively heading towards the international academic forefront, and is geared towards the nation’s most significant needs and important questions, with a focus on quality guidance and significantly innovative results in science and technology, as well as displaying academic teamwork and comprehensive evaluation of academic results. The Science and Technology Division is a functional department of the school’s science and technology management.


Medical sciences at Fudan have long stood at the forefront in China, with an excellent tradition, a solid foundation, and well-organized courses. Shanghai Medical University acts as a delegated agency of the school. Under authorization of the school, it manages talent development, scientific research, department planning, foreign exchanges, and development programs at the various medical colleges, research institutes, and affiliated hospitals.