Fudan University is widely known for its campus culture of freedom, rich variety, and forward progress. Its campus culture is expressed in many dimensions, such as its outstanding school spirit, its rich academic flavor, its ideology of free discussion, the many independent choices available, its open and accepting attitude, as well as many elements of content, such as its more than 2000 lectures and forums per year, several tens of athletic competitions, more than a hundred artistic performances and cultural exhibits, over 310 student clubs, almost 500 social events, extracurricular academic creations by almost a thousand students, over ten thousand instances of volunteerism, etc. The school culture is like soil and air, nourishing generation after generation of the Fudan community. Fudan students, teachers, and alumni consciously protect and cultivate it through extensive participation and experience. This is why the school tradition is carried on, and it is how the Fudan spirit is carried forward—it goes beyond the campus, and influences society. In this process of shared ownership, shared construction, and shared use, an inherent character was gradually cultivated in the Fudan community, consisting of an idealistic mood, social responsibility, and a rational spirit.

Fudan University Cultural Development Committee

In 2006, the school formally established the Cultural Development Committee and the Cultural Development Specialist Advisory Committee, becoming one of the first universities in China to establish a special agency for cultural development. The committee’s function is to formulate a plan for the development of campus culture, determine matters of importance for development of campus culture, and approving important cultural development projects. The office of the committee secretary is within the school’s culture office.  In 2006 and 2012, with the support of members of the board of trustees, the school set up a Zhongkai Cultural Development Fund, which was used for continuing campus culture activities. 

Cultural Event Calendar

In an open, diverse school culture like that of the Fudan community, it can be truly difficult to announce and find up-to-date information. The cultural event calendar is a news platform where news about all sorts of cultural activities can be submitted for publication. The information is posted on the school’s website, in advertisements, at multimedia kiosks, in new media and on cell phones, and can be sent to specific groups or to the whole community, for the convenience of teachers and students and in order to promote sharing of campus culture. For more information please click: This Week’s Cultural Activities.

Fudan University Student Union

The Fudan University Student Union is an organization consisting of formally registered Fudan University full-time undergraduate and specialty students. The “Rules and Regulations of the Fudan University Student Union” are based on the “Rules and Regulations of the Chinese National Student Federation”, and define the official powers of each constituent of the student union based on the principles of democratic centralism, aimed at establishing a democratized, standardized, effective organization. Students are the principal force behind campus culture, and the student union and its organizational elements play a pivotal role.