Fudan University deems graduate education one of the keys to developing itself into a world class institution. As a matter of fact, Fudan has a tradition of being the “First” in China regarding graduate education. In 1923, Fudan was the first university in China to recruit graduate students to its School of Psychology. In 1949, Fudan University was the first university to open its graduate admission in China, and again in 1977, Fudan was the first university to resume graduate admission. In 1984, Fudan University then Shanghai Medical University were among the first to establish graduate schools.

Fudan University is a prominent institute for graduate education in China. After ten times of degree conferment review, Fudan has perfected its graduate education system and degree conferment system in 11 Academic disciplines including philosophy, economy, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, medicine, management and arts. Currently, there are 43 Level I disciplines that confer graduate degrees in science, including 35 Level I doctoral degree programs, 2 professional doctoral degree programs and 24 professional master degree programs. From 1977 to 2012, Fudan recruited 70,200 graduate candidates, including 18,400 doctor candidates and 51,200 master candidates. Meanwhile, Fudan conferred 12,300 doctor degrees and 51,600 master degrees.

In recent years, Fudan has focused on “improving the quality of graduate student training,” continuously adjusting and perfecting the maturation system for high-level specialists, striving to create a strong academic atmosphere, stimulating graduate students’ ability for innovative scientific research, promoting graduate students to become the “fresh troops” of the school’s scientific research work. So far, Fudan has acquired 55 of the nation’s most outstanding doctoral theses, putting it at number three among the nation’s colleges and universities. The school actively promotes internationalization of graduate student education, and has signed exchange agreements with over 200 universities and research education organizations in over 30 countries, establishing graduate student exchanges and cooperation relationships.

Fudan’s graduate school is responsible for overall planning and management of academic degrees and of graduate student education. Individual departments and research units are the principal organizations for implementing graduate school education. 

Graduate Student Recruiting

In recent years, Fudan University has continuously optimized the structure of graduate student recruitment and of scientific and specialty degrees, steadily promoting recruitment reform. Each graduate student training unit has already implemented an application examination system, which stresses testing the student’s actual abilities, yielding the recruitment decisions to the relevant departments and entrusting teachers with more complete independence. For more details please see: Graduate Student Recruiting Network, Graduate Student Recruiting Blog. 

Graduate Student Talent Development Financial Assistance Innovation Plan

In 2010, Fudan University initiated its “graduate student talent development financial assistance innovation plan”. The plan includes financial aid for outstanding college students to attend summer programs, for students exempt from graduate school entrance examinations to receive scientific research training over summer break, for graduate students to attend summer school, and also includes scientific research grants for doctoral students studying National Key Disciplines, scientific research grants for outstanding interdisciplinary doctoral students, and financial assistance for doctoral students to go on short-term study abroad trips.

Scholarship and Grant-in-aid for Graduate Students

Fudan University pooled resources and established a comprehensive scholarship system for graduate students. Applicants can be granted scholars from multiple resources including over 30 kinds of scholarship from the university, varying from 1,000 to 10,000 CNY. All graduate students are eligible to apply for on-campus positions including teaching assistant, research assistant, and administrative assistant. All schools and departments have its own scholar programs. The government and the university also pool resources together to sponsor disadvantaged students in forms of scholarship. The University also helps to apply for national student loan.