International student education is an important direction in Fudan University’s turn towards internationalization. Fudan was one of the first universities to accept foreign exchange students since the Communist Revolution. Fudan was the first university in the nation to found an exchange student center in 2003, and the whole school worked towards establishing exchanges. It was the first school in the nation to promote uniformity in management of study for foreign students, establishing a foreign exchange student education system that links Fudan with the world while still according with the conditions of development in China.

Fudan University has the largest international student population in China’s comprehensive universities. Every year around 7,000 person/time international students from 120 countries and regions study at Fudan. 42% of the international students and about 3,000 persons are here for degree programs and the rest are for non-degree or exchange programs. Among all the international students, over 1,000 of them are master or doctor candidates and over 1,900 are bachelor candidates, up to 14.8% of the total international student population. There are 15 Engligh-taught master degree programs at Fudan, including Chinese Politics and Diplomacy and Chinese Economy. There is also an English-taught bachelor degree program for clinical medicine. Fudan has established a comprehensive foreign language course system that is catered to international students with four modules and over 180 courses every year.

Fudan University pays high attention to the quality of international student programs and is committed to raise the percentages of international degree program students and of international graduate students. To achieve that , the University admits students by tests and interview after reforming the admission process. Currently, over 15% of the international student body receives various scholarship from Chinese government programs.

Foreign exchange students have already become an important component of Fudan’s school culture, and they participate extensively in all areas of study, practice, and community organizations, with 19 officially registered foreign exchange student clubs. The Fudan University Foreign Exchange Student Alumni Association has definite influence among international alumni.

International Student Recruiting

Fudan offers many different types of international student programs, including degree-seeking programs (undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs), non-degree seeking programs (ordinary non-degree seeking, high-level non-degree seeking, research students, and short-term organization studies), and non-degree seeking language programs (language programs, summer Chinese classes, and Chinese language class auditing). For more information please register at the International Students Office website, where you can apply online.

Fudan International Summer Course Program

The Fudan International Summer Course Program provides five weeks of course study and cultural experience for students from all over the world. Students have an opportunity to get to know China, to experience Shanghai, and to become members of the Fudan community. Fudan students can also take this opportunity to get to know international students. This program helps students to become more multicultural, to build a global view, and to make friends from all over the world. In 2013, this program will offer Chinese language classes in 14 specialties at four levels, as well as activities related to Chinese history and culture. The specialties include Chinese culture and politics, Chinese history, and Chinese economics.