Fudan University is a major participant in China’s basic science research and in high-tech innovation. In 1929, a School of Science was established at Fudan and then complemented with several applied sciences. After the national reshuffling of departments among universities soon after 1949, Fudan University became one of the most important institutes for research and teaching of national science. In over six decades and with efforts from generations, Fudan is striking to achieve world class quality and nurtured quite a few emerging applied sciences that are crucial to national and regional social and economic development. In the 22 disciplines listed by ESI, there are 15 from Fudan rank among top 1%, which earns the 2nd place in China. Chemistry, Material Science, and Mathematics all rank among top 100 in the world.

Currently, there are 5 national key labs at Fudan, 12 Ministry of Education key labs, 9 Ministry of Health key labs, 10 Shanghai Municipal key labs, 4 key engineering research center of Ministry of Education, 2 key engineering research center of Shanghai Municipality, 5 “985 Project II” science and technology innovation platforms. Fudan is also home to over 190 joint labs and research institutes. In recent years, Fudan has many an achievement in Integrated circuit, information technology, biotechnology, organic nano material, pharmacy, lighting source design and agriculture and thus bring remarkable social and economic benefits.

The medium-term goals of natural sciences and engineering at Fudan are to establish a high-level academic center; to further improve course offerings and improve their organization, in an effort to produce innovative scientific research results with Chinese characteristics and worldwide influence; and to strengthen the ability of the platform for scientific research and innovation based on the nation’s key needs, to increase the core competitiveness of scientific research and technological innovativeness, and to better serve the growth of national and regional economies and society. In order to meet this goal, the school has its sights set on the nation ’s development strategy and key needs, with a focus on creating new competences, promoting structural reform of scientific research institutions, tied together by coordinated innovation, and strengthened by cooperation from scientific institutions, industry and enterprises, and local government.

The Office of Science and Technology is a functional department of the school’s science and technology management, and is responsible for comprehensive management and coordination of the school’s science and technology work.

  • National Key Lab
    State Key Lab of Surface Physics
    State Key Lab of Application-Specific Integrated Circuits and Systems
    State Key Lab of Genetic Engineering
    State Key Lab of Medical Neurobiology
    State Key Lab of Molecular Engineering of Polymers
  • “985” Project Phase II Science and Technology Innovation Platform
    Advanced Materials Laboratory
    Institute of Biomedical Sciences
    Institute of Neuroscience
    Micro-Nano Electronics Science and Technology Innovation Platform
    Institute of Modern Mathematics and Physics