Welcome to the Fudan Homepage. You can find information under the following column headings, or use “Search Fudan” to find content, contacts and information about the schools. The Fudan University Telephone Operator is 0086-21 65642222. You can also contact Qingyun Visitor Center for the campus tour service. You are welcome to visit the University History Museum and the Shanghai Medical University History Museum to learn more about Fudan’s history.

The campus is laid out as a main area consisting of the Handan Campus and Jiangwan Campus areas, along with two side campuses, Fenglin Campus and Zhangjiang Campus. There are convenient options for transportation and amenities in the area surrounding the campus. There are various sports facilities available for students and faculty members. There are shuttle buses among campuses and there are a number of choices of public transportation between campuses and to airports and railway stations.