With its key place in the national ideology and culture, Fudan University not only engages in knowledge creation and cultural production, it also participates widely in the dissemination of knowledge, ideology, and culture. The Fudan campus is a place where ideology and culture come together, and is also where they are diffused. Every year more than 2000 lectures, as well as almost 200 forums and academic conferences, are held at Fudan.

Over the years, listening to lectures has become a means of study and a way of living for students. This has led the campus to develop a set of “cultural coordinates,” such as the Xianghui Tang, Classroom 3108, the Xie Xide Lecture Hall, the Guanghualou Student Square, etc. It has also produced a set of lecture hallmarks, such as the yearly large-scale school anniversary lecture; the Fudan Guanghua Outstanding Scholar in the Humanities Lecture Series which is broadcast publicly on the Web, a first in the nation; the Lizhi Forum and Xingkong Forum, etc.

For information on lectures, forums, and conferences at the school, please see the cultural event calendar.

School Anniversary Science Lecture

The school anniversary science lecture is currently the school’s largest academic exchange activity. It is aimed at enhancing Fudan’s school spirit and academic traditions. This tradition began in 1954, proposed by Chen Wandgao who was then the school president. All of the school anniversary activities are centered on promoting scientific research. In 1977, this academic tradition was able to resume, and has now been held 47 times. Every year, each of the school’s academic units organizes academic reports and symposiums around the end of May based on recent events and trends in the department.  There are an estimated total of 700 to 800 academic reports. Starting in 2009, the science symposium was extended into an academic culture week, strengthening its academic influence on the students. For more information please click: Opening Ceremony of the School’s 108th Anniversary Celebration at the 47th Science Symposium and Academic Culture Week.

Shanghai Forum

Shanghai Forum, launched in 2005, is an international economic forum hosted by Fudan University and sponsored by Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies. After eight years of successful operation, "Shanghai Forum" has become one of the most important academic forums in China. More than 2800 guests from political, academic and business sectors have attended the Forum during the past. Under the background of economic globalization, the Forum takes its mission as “Concentrating on Asia, Focusing on Hot Issues, Congregating Elites, Promoting Interactions, Enhancing Cooperation and Seeking Consensus”. It endeavors to build a platform for communication among academic, political and commercial circles by inviting leaders and elites of all fields to co-operation and dialogue, so as to provide perspectives and advices for Asia’s overall economic, political, social and cultural progress. The Shanghai Forum 2013 was concluded in the May of 2013 with the theme of Asia’s Wisdom: Seeking Harmonious Development in Diversity.

Fudan Guanghua Eminent Scholar Lectureship

In year 2011, with joint effort of Kwang-Hua Education Foundation and Fudan University, Fudan Humanity Fund was established to sponsor development of humanity disciplines. High-end visiting scholar programs are among the key programs by the Fudan. To facilitate communication between Chinese civilization and the world, Fudan Humanity Fund sponsors annually 4 to 6 eminent scholars from overseas to host series lectures. Please refer to Fudan Guanghua Eminent Scholar Lectureship for details.