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21 Mar 2019



Fudan University Library (FDUL), originally known as Wuwu Reading room, was founded in 1918. It presently consists of five libraries, namely Arts & Humanities Library, Science Library, Medical Science Library, Zhangjiang Library and Lee Shau Kee Library, with a building area of 66,137 squaremeters. At the end of 2017, the total collections of the library amounted to 5.46 million volumes (books and bound volumes of periodicals), including 4,247,000 thread bound ancient Chinese books (among which are 60,000 volumes of rare ancient books), 1,217,000 books in other languages, and 589 databases.

    Arts & Humanities Library

Science Library

Medical Science Library

Zhangjiang Library

Lee Shau Kee Library

The library boasts thirteen book banks, four borrowing and reading rooms, three book circulation departments, twenty reading rooms and three study rooms for students, with 3,000 study places in total. The library opens 112 hours a week, providing service for 6,000 person-times on a daily basis. The library has a staff of 193, including 6 professors, 32 associate professors and 89 persons with medium-level qualifications. Among the staff members, there are 7 persons with doctoral degree, 47 with master degree and 50 with bachelor degree. The functions within the library include: Acquisition Department, Cataloguing Department, Arts Circulation Department, Science Circulation Department, Medical Science Circulation Department, Newspaper& Periodical Department, Ancient Books Department, Digital Library Department, Reference Department, Novelty Search Department, Literature Retrieval Teaching and Research Section, Administrative Office, International Exchange and Gift Division and Library Journal Editorial Office. 

Apart from being one of the two national central libraries of China Academic Social Sciences and Humanities Library (CASHL), FDUL is designated by the Ministry of Education as the host of the National and East China Centre of Foreign Textbooks, Central Book Bank of Imported Foreign Social Science and Humanities Books and Scientific and Technological Novelty Research Center. FDUL also hosts the Scientific and Technological Novelty Research Center (Computer Science and Biology) under Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, Secretariat of National Medical Science Literature Retrieving Teaching and Research Committee, Library Science Master Program and Secretariat of China Index Association and the Editorial Office for two journals, i.e., China Index and Shanghai Academic Library and Information Work Research.

The computer integrated management system of FDUL was changed to Aleph 500 on August, 2008. Apart from the regular borrowing services, the library also provides the following services: Dialog Internet Retrieval, e-Resource Retrieval, Interlibrary loan, Document Delivery Service, Reference Services, Novelty Search, User Training, Cassette Copy, Audio-Visual and Multi-media Reading and Literature Information Retrieval Courses for all kinds of users.

Location: No.220 Handan Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai (near Wu Jiao Chang) 
Tel: +86 21 6564 3592 
Fax: +86 21 6564 9814 
Buses: 59, 118, 133, 139, 812, 850, 854, 866, 942, 960, 966, 991, Daqiaowu, Airport Bus Line No.4.