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22 Mar 2019



1. What is YICGG?

The Youth Innovation Competition on Global Governance (YICGG) is an innovation competition on global governance’s proposals of youth around the world. It was first launched in 2007 by Fudan University, sponsored by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in China, and organized by the School of International Relations and Public Affairs (SIRPA) of Fudan University.



2. Vision and Mission

YICGG is a wisdom-seeker and creativity-goer, involving young people all over the world, dedicated to solve the human-destiny-related essential issues. The competition thinks highly of innovation, internationalization as well as borders between discipline and states, dares to remove the shackles of traditional theories. YICGG is a platform for youth’s in-depth communication and a world’s professional event in the field of global public management.



3. Participants

Since founded in 2007, it has gained extensive international attention in the field of Global Governance. The preliminary contest is usually held in April, and final contest in summer. In the past 11 years, more than 1500 participants, grouped in 430 teams from 183 universities and institutions, 125 countries and regions in total have taken part in the programme and submitted over 537 proposals.


4. Achievements

Because of its academic rigor and professionalism, YICGG has been recognized as “Young Academic Olympics” of global governance. As a second to none competition in the field of Youth Global Governance, YICGG has become a cradle for cultivating future leader of global governance since its establishment. More than 21% of past Chinese YICGG participants adopted a career path of global governance; more than half of past participants prolonged their contribution to global governance and public affairs by pursuing further studies, dedicating themselves to the public sector or NGOs.

5. YICGG 2019

YICGG2019 will be held by Fudan University in Indonesia, during 15th-18th, July.

Under the limited global water resources, factors such as global population growth, economic development and consumption mode transformation have intensified the problem of water scarcity mainly caused by uneven water resources allocation and water shortage, which directly threaten the sustainable development of mankind. So YICGG2019 has selected Oceans, Rivers and Lakes: Global Water Preservation, Utilization and Development as the theme.


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