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13 May 2019


Philosophy, School of


Address: Room 2308, West Main-buildings of Guanghua Towers, 220 Handan Road, Fudan University, Shanghai 200433 

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The School of Philosophy of Fudan University was formerly known as the Department of Philosophy, which was established in 1956 as one of the three earliest departments of philosophy in the People's Republic of China. On the basis of this, the School of Philosophy of Fudan University was founded in October, 2006. In 2017, Fudan philosophy was rated as A+ discipline in the fourth-round discipline evaluation by the Ministry of Education. At the same time, it was also selected as one of the first-class disciplines that will be supported by “the Shanghai Gaofeng and Gaoyuan Discipline Development Plan”.

Subjects and Programs

Presently, the School of Philosophy is made up of five institutions: the Department of Philosophy, the Department of Religious Studies, the Department of Philosophy of Science and Logic, the Department for Chinese Philosophy and Chinese Philology, and the Department of Philosophy of Art and Art History (in preparation).

The School currently offers 4 undergraduate programs including Philosophy, Religious Studies, Chinese Philosophy, and Philosophy of Science and Logic, 11 graduates programs including Marxism Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Western Philosophy, Logic, Ethics, Aesthetics, Religious Studies, Philosophy of Science, and Western Marxism Philosophy. Besides, the School offers 2 English-taughtdegree programs that enroll international students: Chinese Philosophy and Culture, Chinese Religious Studies. Within all these programs, the School currently has 615 students in total (including 28 international students), with 250 undergraduates and 365 graduate students. It has trained more than 5000 students who graduated as professionals.


Currently the School has a highly competent faculty that including 69 teaching staff, 40 of whom are professors.


After more than 60 years’ development, the School of Philosophy has been developed into a leading academic institution dedicated to philosophical research and philosophical education. According to the 2012 QS World University Rankings by Subject, it was ranked 15th globally, and 1st in Asia. It has been running a series of high-level academic programs that covers various specialized fields in philosophical studies and religious studies.The School has also formed its own tradition, which is characterized by its open mind to different philosophical traditions, dedication to academic research, focus on deep thinking and service for the broader society.

International Cooperation

During the latest 10 years, the School has made important progress in many different aspects, especially in the area of international academic cooperation. The School holds a strong connection with plenty of famous universities around the world. We have signed agreements for student exchange programs with the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Oslo, the School of Humanities at the University of Exeter, the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Graz, and the Department of Philosophy at the University of Western Ontario. In the past 5 years, we have also signed Erasmus+ cooperation agreements with the Department of Philosophy at the University of Leipzig, the Department of Philosophy at the University of Cologne, and the Department of Humanities at the ELTE in Budapest, Hungary.

Building a high-level international joint degree program has always been one of the focuses of the schools work in international cooperation. The School of Philosophy has now one such degree program: Fudan University-Birmingham Universitys double-degree undergraduate program (2+2) in philosophy; there are two international cooperation double-degree program (2+2) underway in preparation: Fudan University-Venice Universitys double-degree masters degree in comparative philosophy and Fudan University-University of Western Ontario Universitys double majors in philosophy.

The 2+2 undergraduate dual degree program at Fudan University-Birmingham University was officially launched in 2018. The program selects two third-year-level undergraduate students from the School of Philosophy of Fudan University each year to study at Birmingham University for two years. After the students successfully complete the required credits, Fudan University and Birmingham University respectively will both confer their bachelor degree certificates. At present, we have selected 2 students. The first 2 students of Class 2016 have studied for one semester at Birmingham University. The second 2 students of Class 2017 will go to Birmingham University in September 2019.

In addition, the School has committed to actively exploring high-level international collaborative academic research projects in recent years. Currently six research projects have confirmed initial cooperation intentions: Global Philosophy with the Philosophy Department of the Free University of Berlin, Germany, Comparative Political Philosophy with the College of Humanities, University of Exeter, UK, Intelligence and Emergence with Cambridge University's Center for Intelligent Future Research, Modern Confucianism with a number of Confucian research teams in Japan,The Reconstruction of Normative Orders with the “Regular Order” Research Center of the University of Frankfurt, Germany and the Georgetown University's Normative Order Research Team, and Socialism in the 21st Century with the Institute of Critical Philosophy of the German Luxembourg Foundation.