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13 May 2019


Radiation Medicine, Institute of


Prof. Shao Chunlin

Tel: +86-21-64048677


The Institute of Radiation Medicine (IRM), Fudan University, was built in 1962. It is a professional research institution for radiological medicine and radiation protection. The institute also fulfills and assumes the responsibilities and tasks of technical support to the Shanghai government and those of technical guidance and training to the local professional workers. The institute is engaged in research on biological effects of ionizing radiation, radiation oncology, radiation hygiene, radiation protection and management, environmental radioactivity monitoring, and also quality control of ionizing radiation in medicine and radiation dosimetry. In the meantime, the institute is also charged with the responsibilities of Shanghai medical emergency preparedness and response to nuclear and radiation accidents, management of health surveillance and individual monitoring of radiation workers, management of radiological health standards, and management of scientific and technological information on radiological medicine and protection.

IRM now has 31 staff members. It enrolls doctoral and graduate students in radiobiology, radiopharmacology, radiotoxicology, radiation dosimetry and radiation protection. For many years, the Institute has kept in close contact and cooperation with international organizations and academic institutions in the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom and other countries. One professor at this institute serves as a member of the Task Group 81 of ICRP.