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13 May 2019


International Cultural Exchange, School of


Address: Room 905, East Main, Guanghua Building,

International Cultural Exchange School, Fudan University,

220 Handan Road, Shanghai 200433, China

Tel: +86-21-55664490



Fudan University has been open to international students for over half a century. Established in 1987, the International Cultural Exchange School is specialized in the international education of the Chinese language and culture at Fudan University and is home to students from all over the world, earning it the nickname of the “little United Nations”. Additionally, the school also oversees the important tasks of the general courses of international students and organizes Chinese teaching in Confucius Institutes abroad.

In the past 30 years, the school has made great achievements and formed its own characteristics in teaching and research through the painstaking efforts of several generations of faculty members on the basis of its predecessor, the Department of Foreign Students. The School has been promoting overseas exchange and cooperation in an all-round way, and has established cooperative relations with more than 20 universities and educational institutions abroad.Furthermore, tens of thousands of international students have studied at the school. It has cultivated all kinds of talented professionals, Chinese and foreign alike, who play an important role in the teaching and research fields as well as in the political, economic and cultural fields in China and other countries.

The International Cultural Exchange School, ICES, is an institution specialized in providing Chinese language and culture programs for international students at Fudan University. ICES has been appointed as one of the first four bases of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages in China. We accept international students for long-term and short-term language programs, general advanced and other tailor-made programs. ICES also provide degree programs for undergraduates majoring in Chinese Language & Culture and Business Chinese, and for Master candidates majoring in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. Studying with ICES is an opportunity to get to know Chinese language, experience the culture and be part of the Shanghai lifestyle. ICES programs will help you achieve a multicultural understanding, establish a global vision, and connect with peers from all around the world. ICES looks forward to welcoming you to our programs.

Subjects and Programs


Long-term Chinese Language Program

ICES adopts a unique model of instruction which has altogether 10 levels of Chinese instruction, 4 levels (ABCD levels) in Fundamental, 4 levels (EFGH) in Intermediate and 2 levels (IJ) in Advanced. Each level takes about 9 weeks, students can finish 2 levels each semester. Students are placed into appropriate levels on the basis ofan online placement test, taken on arrival. ICES’s professional and experienced teaching staff ensure the most efficient teaching and learning.

Summer Chinese Immersion Program

Designed for the international students who want to learn Chinese language and get an insight into Chinese culture and people’s lives in China. The program allows students to enhance Chinese proficiency rapidly and get a rich experience in Chinese society.

Chinese Culture & Society Program

Designed for the students with intermediate or higher Chinese level, who wants to learn Chinese culture and experience Chinese society.

Chinese Economy & Business Program

Designed for the students with intermediate or higher Chinese level, who want to get an insight into the business environment and economic conditions in China.

Professional Chinese Business Internship Program

Designed for the international students who want to get an insight into the business environment and industrial development in China. Students will be well equipped with language and business ability for future career development in China.



Undergraduate Program:

B.A in Chinese Language

Set up in 1993, the B.A. in Chinese Language program was one of the first programs in China providing B.A program specialized for foreign students. The program provides two study focuses including Chinese language & culture and Business Chinese. Upon completing the program, students will have a systematic mastery of the Chinese language and culture with strong language ability and deep understanding of Chinese society and current events, designed to meet the demand of the highly competitive job market.

Postgraduate Programs:

Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

M. A. in Applied Linguistics

Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics

International Cultural Exchange School (ICES) of Fudan University is specialized in teaching Chinese to foreign students with its high quality and outstanding research achievements. The School has trained a great number of master students specialized in Teaching Chinese to speakers of Other Languages.

The postgraduates of ICES come from China and many other countries. Annually over two thirds of the postgraduates were assigned to different countries for overseas Chinese language teaching practice.


Within years of construction, an outstanding faculty group has taken shape with a rational disciplinary structure and age distribution. The school has assembled over 50 full-time faculty members, and their academic credentials and achievements are mainly related to Chinese Language or Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL). Others include literature, culture study, history, philosophy, foreign languages, economics or international relations. In 2018, ICES boasted 59 teaching and administrative staff, among which 7 are with senior title and 21 are with vice-senior title.


ICES has been walking on the frontier of the domestic academic research.

In terms of teaching Chinese as a second language, ICES stresses introducing and absorbing overseas pedagogy, as well as innovating and exploring a pedagogy with distinct features of its own. It is the first in China to set up a preliminary Chinese teaching system that enables students to study ‘from ground-zero through ten levels within two years’, instead of the traditional practice to organize classes by semester. Recent years have witnessed remarkable progress in its exploration of TBLT (Task-based Language Teaching), combining structure with its function, and a Fudan-featured teaching mode that highlights ‘gradual progress with multiple levels to start with’.

ICES has also developed its own style in addressing specific issues of Chinese acquisition with the second language acquisition theory. In addition, ICES has accomplished excellent research findings with unique perspectives, especially in combining grammaticalization theory with acquisition order theory.In the field of Chinese language study, our faculty members have also completed numerous work through the perspective of teaching Chinese as a second language. Substantial results have been collected in studying the development of ancient Chinese characters. ICES faculty also take the lead in applying three-plane theory in teaching Chinese as a second language. A research tradition that highlights both innovation and implementation is founded.

ICES has also developed its profound expertise in the study of Chinese traditional culture, Chinese literature, history and philosophy, as well as cross-cultural communication. Early in the 80s the faculty argued the relativity of cultural context to the language teaching. In the 90s the faculty members raised issues on culture-introduced language teaching, while a series of academic works were published addressing cultural vocabulary, cultural connotation and related issues. In a social context and people-to-people exchange perspective, the faculty members studied on newly-emerging Chinese vocabulary and expressions upon China’s reform and opening up, and fruitful academic achievements have been accomplished.

Our faculty members have published over 100 academic works, hundreds of textbooks and dictionaries, dozens of translated academic works, and over one thousand published articles. Over 70 research projects of social sciences are undergoing at national and other levels, among which 6 projects were awarded by administrations at provincial and ministerial level or above.

International Cooperation

ICES keeps sound ties with world-renowned universities and institutions. Current Chinese language and culture programs run on yearly basis include:

Chinese language program cooperated with LSE (London School of Economics),

Chinese language and culture program with University of Edinburgh of UK,

Chinese language program with Goethe Frankfurt University of Germany,

Chinese language program with Gothenburg University of Sweden,

Chinese language program and Business Chinese Program with University of Oslo, Business Chinese Program with SUNY Binghamton,

Undergraduate Program in Chinese language with Prince Songkla University of Thailand,

Chinese language program with Thammassat University of Thailand,

Chinese language program with Doshisha University of Japan,

Chinese language program with Kokugakuin University of Japan,

Chinese language program with Gakushuin University of Japan,

Chinese language program with Rikkyo University of Japan,

Chinese language program with Busan University of Foreign Studies, South Korea,

Chinese language program with Incheon National University of South Korea, etc.