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13 May 2019


Economics, School of


Ms. Gao Xiaomei


Tel: +86-21-65643135

The history of the School of Economics at Fudan University can be traced back to the Business Division of Fudan Public School established in 1909 and the Department of Economics at Fudan University established in 1922. Throughout the ups and downs over the years, the school has been faithful to its mission: Do problem-oriented research, combine theory and practice, contribute to society and peoples welfare, and pursue excellence. In the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the school, in line with the national aims to be achieved at the 100th anniversaries of the founding of China and CPC, and Chinas strategy of building world-class universities and disciplines, will work hard to make itself a world-class school of economics based on breakthroughs in education, research, and policy consulting.

The building of the School of Economics, also known as Fanhai-Fosun Building, named after Fanhai Group and Fosun Group, which jointly donated the funds for the construction of the building.

Fanhai-Fosun Building looks like an open book. The Greencourt Yard at the entrance of the building adds to the elegance that emanates from this institution of great learning.

The School of Economics has a long history of education and research. Since 1909 when the Business Division of Fudan was established, and since 1922 when Fudan set up the Department of Economics, Fudan has been growing its economics discipline to become a top institution in economics education and research in mainland China. Between 1949 and 1984, the Department of Economics split into several departments and institutes after the nationwide university restructuring, contributing significantly to the growth of China due to the large number of economics talents graduating from Fudan. In April 1985, the School of Economics was founded consisting of the Department of Economics, the Department of World Economy, the Institute of World Economy, the Institute of Population, the Institute of Prices, and the Center for Economic Studies. The first dean was Prof. Chen Guanlie, a famous finance professor. Since the founding of the school, Fudans economics discipline has entered a new phase of development.

During the evolution from the Business Division to the Department of Economics and then to the School of Economics, economists at Fudan made remarkable contributions to economic theory in China and the countrys growth: Xu Dixin, Qi Qisheng, Zhu Bokang, Jiang Xuemo, Zhang Xunhua, Chen Guanlie, Song Chenxian, Hong Wenda, Wu Bolin, Ye Shichang, Jiang Jiajun, Hong Yuanpeng, and Yin Bocheng, to name a few. Focusing their attention on the combination of Chinas reality and economic theory, these famous economists have made Fudan a renowned institution of economics. As the old saying goes, Fireworks are handed down from generation to generation and their lives are renewed. In the new era, the School of Economics at Fudan University will further itself based on these forerunnersachievements and continue to foster excellent economics talents for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.