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13 May 2019


Marxism, School of


Ms. Zhao Jing

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Fudan University has a glorious tradition in research, teaching and communicating with the society the theory of Maxism. In 1920, Chen Wangdao, former president of Fudan University, translated the Manifesto of the Communist Party into Chinese, which is the first full-text translation edition in China. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, scholars and masters like Hu Quyuan, Zhou Gucheng, Zhou Yutong and Zhang Mingyang became adjunct professors of political science in Fudan University. After the Reform and Opening up, an institution directly affiliated to the university and responsible for teaching and research of Marxism and Leninismwas established and later renamed as Basic Department of Social Sciences. In 2014, it was again renamed as School of Marxism. In 2016, School of Marxism was selected into the first batch of key Marxist schools of China and the first batch of model Marxist schools in Shanghai. In 2016, the Publicity Department of Shanghai announced to build the School of Marxism jointly with Fudan University.

Subjects and Programs

The school offers doctoral program for first-level discipline category of theory of Marxism, which includes 6 secondary disciplines: Basic theory of Marxism, Study of localization of Marxism in China, Ideological and Political Education, the Party Building, the Development History of Marxism and Study of Marxism Abroad and another doctoral program for first-level discipline category of political science, which includes the History of the Communist Party of China, Scientific Socialism and International Communist Movement. The school is the first batch ofdoctoral program station and post-doctoral working station in the first-leveldiscipline category of Theory of Marxism”, what is more, Theory of Maxism ranks A in national discipline evaluation. Our “Basic Theory of Marxism” is the key discipline supported by government and “Theory of Marxism is selected as the first-rate Peak (in Chinese: Gaofeng) discipline of Shanghai.


There are 50 faculty members which include 17 professors and 18 associate professors, and 6 administrative staff at the school. Among the 17 professor, 1 is both the member of the Marxist Theory Consultative Group and the member of the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council, 3 are members of the Steering Committee of National Ideological and Political Theory Education, 3 are members of Marxist Theory Research and Construction Project of the Central Government, 1 is designated in the Ten-Thousand Talented Program (philosophy and social sciences), 1 is designated as National Cultural Expert, 1 is granted the State Council Special Allowance, 1 is granted “The Most Admirable (in Chinese: Zuimei) National Ideological and Political Teachers”, 2 are granted Annual Pacesetter of Ideological and Political Theory Teacher in universities by the Ministry of Education, 2 are granted Annual Power of Ideological and Political Theory Teacher in universities by the Ministry of Education, 2 are recipients of prior-fund National Excellent Young and Middle-age Ideological and Political Teacher in universities, 2 are recipients of Talent Project for National Young and Middle-age Ideological and Political Theory Teacher, 1 is recipient of National Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Expert by the Ministry of Education, 1 is recipient of “New Century Excellent Talents of the Ministry of Education”, 2 are recipients of  “Lifetime Honor Award” of Shanghai Marxist Theory Teaching and Research, 4 are designated as “Young and Middle-age Top-notch Talent” of Marxist Theory Teaching and Research in Shanghai, 2 are designated in the “Dawn” (Shuguang) program of the Shanghai Education Commission, 2 are designated in the “Chenguang” program of the Shanghai Education Commission, 1 is designated in Shanghai “Pujiang” Talent program, and 8 are designated in “Sunshine Project” of the Shanghai Education Commission.



Our basic platforms supporting disciplinary development are as follows:

The Key Research Base of the Ministry of Education, the Research Center for the Revolutionary Spirit and Cultural Resources of the Communist Party of China, the National Research Base for Ideological and Political Teachers in Colleges and Universities, the Training and Research Base for College Counselors of the Ministry of Education, the Central United Front Department of the Ministry of Education,the Research Base of Socialist United Front Theory with Chinese Characteristics, the National Ideological Construction Research Center of Fudan University, the Research Base of Party Construction Theory in Shanghai, the Party Construction Research Base of Shanghai “Two NewOrganizations” (referring to non-state economic and civilentities), the Research Institute of Marxism of Fudan University, China Institute of Fudan University, etc.

After years of development, the study of theory of Marxism at Fudan University has shaped a multi-disciplinaryeducation platform, which provides strong support for the teaching of ideological and political theory.

In the past five years, 26 research reports of 17 experts have been adopted by the General Office of CCCPC, the Ministry of Education, the General Office of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and the Shanghai Municipal Education and Health Work Party Committee. The report adopted by the Central Office are also reviewed and commented by three members of the Political Bureau.

With respect to social services, the school hosts the Summer Advanced Seminar of the Marxist Academy, the Doctoral Lecturer Group and the training course for improving the ability of Party cadres as Marxist practitioners.