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13 May 2019


Cultural Heritage and Museology, Department of (Institute for Archaeological Science)


Dr. Zheng Yi

Tel: +86-21-65643739



In 1984, Fudan University was entrusted by the National Cultural Heritage Administration to formally initiate studies and education of cultural heritage and museology. The College of Cultural Heritage and Museology of Fudan University was established in 1989. It consisted of the Department of Cultural Heritage and Museology, the Department of History, and the Institute of Historical Geography. In 1996, the Department of Cultural Heritage and Museology was separated from the college and became an independent institution at Fudan University.

Subjects and Programs

Our department has a undergraduate program in cultural heritage and museology, a master’s program and a doctoral program in archaeology, a professional master’s program in cultural heritage and museology, and a post-doctoral research station in archaeology.


The staff of our department consists of 29 faculty members, 2 administrative staff, and 4 teaching assistants. 15 of our faculty members are professors and researchers, 6 are associated professors, and 8 are lecturers. 93.1% of our faculty members have PhD degrees, and 10 of them graduated from world-famous universities overseas. Their research fields include archaeology, museology, cultural heritage, conservation and restoration.


Our research cover archaeology, museology, cultural heritage, conservation and restoration. From 2014 to 2017, our department undertook 33 research projects at the national, provincial, ministerial and municipal levels.16 research projects were entrusted by famous institutions such as UNESCO and the Shanghai Museum. From 2014 to 2017, our department published 25 books and 181 papers in Chinese and foreign journals.

International Cooperation

Our department has established international collaborations with famous universities and research institutions all over the world, including Harvard University, Boston University, the George Washington University, the University of Toronto, McGill University,Leiden University, the University of Paris, the School of Oriental and African Studies, the University of Leicester, the University of Liverpool, the University of Tokyo, the University of Kyoto, Tokyo University of the Arts, Hosei University, Ehime University, Kanazawa University, Cheng Kung University, Feng Chia University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the British Museum and the Smithsonian Institution, etc.