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13 May 2019


Journalism, School of


Address: Room 103, Office Building, 

School of Journalism, Fudan University, 

400 Guoding Rd., Shanghai, China. 200433

Li Lina, Wang Kun

Tel: +86-21-55664686



The School of Journalism at Fudan University evolved from the Department of Journalism, which was founded in September 1929. There are four departments in the School of Journalism: the Journalism Department, Broadcasting Department, Advertising Department, and Communication Department. The multi-level education system admits undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students.

Subjects and Programs

Degree Programs include:

3 doctoral programs:Journalism, Communication, and Broadcasting;

5 academic master programs:Journalism, Communication, Broadcasting, Advertising, and Media Management;

4 professional master programs established in 2011Journalism and Communications, Financial Journalism, New Media Communication, and Global Media and Communications International Dual Degree.


The School of Journalism has 81 faculty members, including 25 professors (20 doctoral advisors), 20 associate professors, 7 lecturers, and a number of visiting professors and foreign consulting professors. Some of our master programs invite instructors from both the academia and the media industries.


The School has played a leading role in studies ofjournalism theory, communications theory, communication research, visual culture and communications in China. Its academic achievements over the years are gaining international influence. Journalism and Communications were both rated class A and key disciplines at the national level in 2007, and both disciplines are supported by the Shanghai Leading Academic Discipline Project in 2015. Currently the school have national research centers and bases such as the Key Research Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences affiliated to the Ministry of Education, the National Base of Philosophy and Social Science Innovation under Project 985, Fudan University National Center for Culture Innovation Research affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, Fudan University Media and Public Opinion Research Center, National Research Center for College Students Public Opinion, and National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center. The school journal Journalism Quarterly, set up in 1981, is one of the earliest and best among all influential journals in journalism and communications in China.

International Cooperation

The School of Journalism of Fudan University has maintained a tradition of being an open institution. International exchange and global cooperation are considered to be very important aspects of our journalism programs. The school has established programs in cooperation with universities and research institutions from about 40 countries, including the US, the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Russia, Japan, Australia, Canada, Swaziland, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, as well as Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao regions of China. The school holds international conferences and seminars, and sends staff overseas for teaching, researching and conferences. 70% of our students have opportunities to study at overseas partner universities and work at media organizations abroad as interns to broaden their horizons and promote their understanding of the global community and cross-cultural communication skills.  

The joint degree programs and student exchange programs at school level include:

Fudan – Missouri Double Bachelor’s Degree Program in Journalism

Fudan – Waseda Bachelor’s Degree Program in Communication

Fudan – LSE Double Masters’ Degree Program in Global Media and Communications

Fudan – Sciences Po Double Masters’ Degree Program in Communication, Media, and Creative Industry

Fudan – Melbourne Double Masters’ Degree Program in Global Media Communication

Fudan – Sydney Double Masters’ Degree Program in Health Communication

Fudan – Salzburg Graduate Students Exchange Program

Fudan – Nanyang Technological University Graduate Students Exchange Program

Fudan – LMU Graduate Students Exchange Program

Fudan – Taiwan University Graduate Students Exchange Program

Fudan – Taiwan Chengchi University Graduate Students Exchange Program

Fudan – City University of Hong Kong Undergraduate Students Exchange Program

Fudan – Melbourne Study Tour Program

Fudan – City University of New York Summer Study Tour Program in Entrepreneur Journalism

Fudan – City, University of London Summer Study Tour Program in Financial Journalism

Fduan – Sydney Summer Study Tour Program in Cultural Communication

Fudan – Cologne School of Journalism Study Tour Program