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14 May 2019


China Institute


Wang Xinjie

Tel: +86-21-65641156



The China Institute is a leading think tank and research institution in China with the mission to promote both academic and policy-oriented research on the rise of China, its causes, its model of development, its ideas and narratives as well as comparative studies in these areas. Its core functions include 1) research, 2)policy advisory service, 3) new media and 4) training and postgraduate education.



Chairman of the Board: Ms. Jiao Yang

Director of the Institute: Prof. Zhang Weiwei

Chairman of the Academic Committee: Prof. Shi Zhengfu

Chairman of the Advisory Committee: Dr. Eric Li

Its Senior Fellows include Zhang Weiwei, Shi Zhengfu, Chen Ping, Eric Li, Su Changhe, Han Zhu, Jin Zhongwei, Wen Yang, Sha Ye, Fan Yongpeng, Wu Xinwen, Tang Yinan, Kishore Mahbubani, Martin Jacques and Alexander Dugin.



Its activities cover four areas of political, economic, social and new media studies. It has established a number of research centres such as the Centre for China Development Model Research, the Centre for New Political Economy, the Centre for Chinese Social Studies, the Digital Belt & Road Research Centre, and the Chinese Narratives Workshop. It has extensive exchanges with leading think tanks and research institutions in China and abroad.



The Institute’s programmes include the annual Thinkers Forum, the Forum on Chinese Narratives, various workshops and symposiums on the rise of China, its model of development and its political and economic discourse, advanced training courses, postgraduate programmes and various fellowship programmes, including Chunqiu Senior Fellows in the field of China Studies. Its publications include the Dongfang Journal, Bulletin of the China Institute, Special Report of the China Institute as well as Book Series on the Chinese Narratives. It has established strategic partnership with Guancha Syndicate and the Shanghai Chunqiu Institute for Strategic and Development Studies.