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14 May 2019


Developmental Biology and Molecular Medicine, Institute of


For international cooperation

Prof. Sun Lin


For general matters

Mr. Gu Zhiju


The Institute of Developmental Biology and Molecular Medicine (IDM) is an international research center focusing on the study of genetics, development, and disease. IDM was established in 2002 following the visionary call by the late educator and geneticist CC Tan and with the seeding supports from Fudan University and Shanghai municipal government. Dr. Tian Xu (Yale University and HHMI), Min Han (University of Colorado and HHMI), and Yuan Zhuang (Duke University) are the founding and current co-directors of the institute, which has grown into a multi-disciplinary research entity with 8 primary faculties and over 30 research personnel. Current research areas are ranging from large-scale mouse mutagenesis to development and disease (gametogenesis,neurogenesis, tumorigenesis, neurodegeneration, metabolic and autoimmune disease).

The graduate training at IDM promotes independent thinking and problem-solving skills, and cultivates the ability and ambition to compete and succeed in science. Students have the opportunities to explore and learn a broad array of modern biology through thesis research, weekly seminars, journal clubs, research presentations, collaborations, and joint trainings. Thesis projects from former students have led to achievements with publications in leading journals such as Cell, Neuron, Immunity, Developmental Cell, Development, PNAS, and Journal of Biological Chemistry.

IDM offers several graduate level courses including Genetic Analysis, Developmental Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology. The Institute has trained a team of graduate students who are innovative and diligent in exploration. They have earned many honors, such as China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award, national and Shanghai excellent doctoral thesis and Fudan University Principal award.

The work of the Institute has been supported by leaders at all levels and highly recognized by its counterparts at home and abroad. China’s leaders like President Xi and other comrades have come to guide the work. Up to now, over 100 renowned international scientists, including 6 Nobel Laureates, have given lectures at or visited IDM. Members of the Institute have been invited to make academic presentations at international conferences such as the International Congress of Genetics, the American Society of Cell Biology, the Institute of Genetic Sciences, the Society of Nephrology, and have served as the editorial board of 8 academic journals, such as Cell, to win an international reputation in life sciences for our country.