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14 May 2019


Continuing Education, College of


Ms. Qiao Qinsheng

Tel: +86-21-65643425; +86-21-65648388


Fudan University has always regarded continuing education as an important channel for university personnel training, docking itself to national strategy, serving the society and facilitating economic development. It is one of the earliest institutions for adult education supported by the Ministry of Education.

In 1988, the Adult Education College was established; in 2000, Fudan University and Shanghai Medical University merged to form the new Fudan University. The original two colleges of adult education merged to form the College of Continuing Education.

In July 2000, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, Fudan University became a modern distance education pilot university and established the College of Distance Education of Fudan University.

In December 2015, the College of Distance Education merged with the College of Continuing Education, and the functions of the College of Distance Education were incorporated into the College of Continuing Education.

Over the years, Fudan University has formed a continuing education model with both degree continuing education and non-degree continuing education, provided continuing education for the society, run college education in line with law, and standardized management. Taking students as the basis, quality as the priority and service as the first, Fudan University has been providing effective means for people to renew their knowledge, develop their skills and promote their comprehensive quality.