14 May 2019


Born in Wusong

Zhendan Academy(震旦学院)1905-1911, Wusong, Shanghai

In 1902, Ma Xiangbo马相伯, a Chinese Jesuit priest, scholar and educator, spent all his fortune and established Zhendan Academy (later Aurora University) in the empty buildings of Xujiahui Catholic Observatory. In 1905, the imperialist forces in the Xujiahui Catholic Church plotted to seize the leadership of the academy, forcing Ma to leave for recuperationIn order to protestagainst the interference of the church, about 130 students led by Yu Youren and Shao Lizi left the academy, giving their support to Ma for rebuilding the institution in Wusong. On September 14th the same year, or August 16th based on lunar calendar, Fudan Public School, the first higher education institution run by Chinese people, opened at the government office of Wusong area, Shanghai.