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17 May 2019


Laboratory Animal Science, Department of


Mr. Hua Pan

Tel: +86-21- 54237901



The Department of Laboratory Animal Science can trace back to the Laboratory Animal Supplying Unit found in the First Shanghai Medical College in 1954, and it expanded greatly to the Laboratory Animal Supplying Division in 1960. As increased demands in medical research, the Division expanded again to the Department of Laboratory Animal Science in October 1980, which is the first Department concerning the subject of laboratory animal set up in the high education system in China. The First Shanghai Medical College changed the name to Shanghai Medical University, which later merged into Fudan University, and the Department is kept on the same administrative level as a school of Fudan University.

Subjects and Programs

Master degree in Zoology

Research directions: Animal models in diseases of the nervous system and immune system


The Department has three major divisions: animal raising, platforms for animal experiment and services with over 50 employees including one professor, one associated professor and two high-rack technicians; among them 3 are the supervisors of graduate students in the master degree course. Research projects focus on immuno-response in the skin and emotion regulation by using established animal models. These studies are supported by the National Science Foundation and Ministry of Science and Technology of China, and research findings has been published in top-class journal, such as Immunology, Cancer Research and Neuron.  


The major responsibilities are providing laboratory services including raising and animal experiments for education in the Medical School and research in the University. We have three major animal housing facilities with the capacity of 30k cages after the completion of reconstruction of three buildings in next three years, during which six platforms for animal experiments (e.g. behaviors, gene manipulation, live animal imaging, blood examination) will be established.