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17 Sep 2020


Fudan holds ceremony to welcome new students


Fudan University held an opening ceremony to welcome the new cohort of students on September 13. This year, 14,845 new students proudly claim the title of Fudaner.  

Fudan President Xu Ningsheng delivered a speech during the ceremony.

Noting that the era we’re living in features rapid changes, President Xu called on the incoming students to ponder from three perspectives what the world is and will be like and what Fudaners should do.

“First, the future is shared by all mankind. We should think of the world as a whole where everyone stands and strives together for the welfare of humanity. 

Second, one cannot separate themselves from their country. We should dedicate ourselves to the development of the country to fulfill the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.

Third, competition between countries today centers on technological innovation. I hope that our undergraduates can inquire earnestly, think independently, and cooperate with each other in their study and research and that graduates can delve into their research with innovative ideas,” said President Xu.