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18 Sep 2020

Fudan Character

Twin sisters’ first day at Fudan


On Sept. 12, students of Class 2020 gathered at Fudan to embark on a new journey. 

Among the freshmen this year, identical twin sisters, An Ran and An Lei have caught our eyes. 

An Lei (left) and An Ran (right) take a selfie in front of the main gate of Fudan University Handan Campus.

It is not their first time to have visited Fudan. Since the twin’s visit one year ago, the two have made up their mind on studying at Fudan. Achieving high in this year’s national college entrance exam, they both were admitted to their dream university. It is also a happy coincidence that their score difference is only 1 point. 

Did everything go well with the lovely identical pair? We followed An Ran, the elder sister to check out what the first day was like for an incoming Fudan undergraduate student this year.

Volunteers from senior years take over baggage for incoming undergraduates.

As one of the health measures adopted by the university, anyone entering the four campuses needs to walk by an infrared body temperature detector to have their temperatures measured. The incoming students, before receiving their student e-cards, also needed to display their national ID cards and Shanghai Health codes at the entrances. 

Ran goes through identity check at the entrance.

An infrared body temperature detector measures students’ temperatures in real time.

Face recognition is used to streamline the registration process for new students.

Check into Dormitory

While entering the dorm, Ran signs her check-in agreement.

The homey dormitory building is equipped with a complete set of facilities to provide students with convenience.

Instructions for garbage sorting

A tricycle carrying students’ baggage arrives at a dormitory building

Ran meets her roomies 

Register with Academic Department

After meeting her roommates, Ran, an economics major, visited the booth of the School of Economics and received an information pack for the new semester from her student counsellor. 

Ran visits the booth and talks to her student counsellor

The information pack includes books and documents with instructions on campus facilities, academic programs, course schedules, etc. 

A map shows the booth locations 

With help from her student counsellor and volunteers across the campus, Ran completed her registration with ease and began her campus life with great anticipation. 

Welcome Gift

During lunchtime, Ran joined with her sister Lei at Dan Yuan Cafeteria where a pleasant surprise awaited. On the day, all incoming students this year could pick up two Suzhou-style moon cakes here.

The twin sisters receive Suzhou-style moon cakes with red bean stuffing and minced pork stuffing

Looking back at their first day in Fudan, the twins were both very excited. They expressed appreciation to the volunteers they met, "Due to the pandemic, our parents were not allowed to enter the campus with us, but the volunteers were all very friendly and caring, which made us feel like home."

Regarding their future plans at Fudan, Lei and Ran hoped to achieve good academic performance and participate in different extracurricular activities. Lei said painting had been her hobby since childhood, but she could spare little time on painting due to the heavy academic burden in high school. The various student associations in Fudan, however, will enable Lei to pick up her hobby again.