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09 Oct 2020


Shanghai Mayor Gong Zheng visits Fudan

Fudan and Shanghai had been marching together through storms.


On September 28, Shanghai Mayor Gong Zheng paid a visit to Fudan University. 

Gong Zheng speaks at Fudan University

Fudan, one of the most prestigious Chinese universities, and Shanghai, one of the largest Chinese cities, have been marching together through storms.

—Mayor Gong Zheng

Gong listens to a volunteer guide at the Former Residence of Chen Wangdao

Gong visited the exhibition hall featuring The Communist Manifesto at the Former Residence of Chen Wangdao. Chen was the translator of the first full Chinese edition of The Communist Manifesto and first president of Fudan University after founding of the People’s Republic of China. The Mayor also visited the Museum of Fudan University History.

Gong reads Fudan’s research publications at Think Tank Building on Handan Campus

At Fudan’s Think Tank Building, Gong also watched the demonstration of “Urban Consumption Vitality Index”, a recently developed research project based on real-time consumption big data, which is now helping the city to enhance its data-supported policy-making.

Fudan University was an integral part of Shanghai, and over the 115 years of history of Fudan, it had been standing alongside the city and pressing ahead with the city, said Gong. 

He hopes that Fudan will continue to cultivate talents of both academic and moral excellence, press ahead with even stronger teaching and research capabilities in leading disciplines, and conduct globally influential research that serves the development priorities of the city and the rest of the country.

Vice Mayor Chen Qun, Chairperson of Fudan University Council Jiao Yang and Fudan University President Xu Ningsheng accompanied the mayor during his visit.