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24 Jan 2021


Fudan Library: Keep learning during winter break

By Li Yinuo

If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

Before this winter vacation, Fudan Library has launched a few new facilities and services to help Fudan faculty and students to keep blooming academically on- and off-campus. Whether you will spend the Spring Festival in your hometown or have to stay on campus due to the cross-regional travel restrictions, the following “gifts” that Fudan Library prepares for you will better your holiday learning experience no matter where you are.

On-campus facilities

JD e-readers that enhance your reading experience
The JD Read-Home made its debut on the ground floor of Humanity Library on Handan Campus just this month.

Students can borrow e-readers from the machine with a few clicks on the machine screen and their smart phones.

Don’t forget to close the cabinet door after acquiring the e-reader. You will soon receive a text message informing the date of return. The loan period during the winter vacation is 2 months, long enough to enable students to carry one home or back to the dorm and enjoy the “mini library” at hand.

Book sterilizer that ensures each book you borrow is bacteria-free

The book sterilizers installed inside all libraries of Fudan University are self-service machines used to sanitize books to protect readers amid COVID-19.
It is advised to sterilize books in this chamber before you borrow them. Put the books you want to rent (up to 8 books at one time) in the chamber, click the start button, your books will be disinfected by ultraviolet radiation in 30 seconds.

Contactless book return service
Self-service returning machines are located at the entrances to the libraries on campus, with which students can return books without entering the libraries and the books will be disinfected in the machines, thus preventing cross-infection inside the libraries.

The small induction sliding door will open once you hold books close to the slot. Put on the platform inside the slot the books you want to return (up to 5 books at one time), and then the sliding door will automatically close. The whole returning process will take no more than a few seconds.

But if the sliding door somehow opens again, please take out the books rejected by the machine and ask for help at the reception. 

“Cloud Printing for You” that offers convenient cashless cloud printing service

“Cloud Printing for You” is a wireless direct printing service offered by Fudan Library, which enables users to print from mobile phone and pay via WeChat Wallet and Alipay.

All you need to do is to scan the QR code on the screen, then submit and print the documents (up to 5 documents at one time) that you have stored in your phone. Choose the documents updated on the printer screen, choose single or double sided, and click “print”.

Reserved book pick-up locker
To better Fudan Library’s Reserve & Collect service, Kangquan Library on Fenglin Campus has set up a reserved book pick-up area where students can collect the books that they have reserved online from lockers. Just swipe your Fudan e-card, and the door to the locker that holds your reserved books will open automatically. 

Off-campus services

During the winter holiday, most online resources of our Library will remain accessible, providing services 24/7 for Fudan faculty and students both on and off campus.
You can access the databases, such as CNKI, Web of Science, EBSCO, etc., via the official website of Fudan Library. For any questions regarding the access to a database, you can click on the help button at the end of the link to the database to get answers to frequently asked questions, or consult the librarians via emails.

Fudan Library offers the following three ways to access the Library’s electronic resources off campus.
1. Download Fudan VPN application: VPN for Fudan students & VPN for Fudan faculty
2. Use web-based VPN
Visit, log in to WebVPN directly, and access after passing the the student/faculty ID authentication
3. Set up a proxy server
Set up the server using the following information:, port: 8080
Access after passing the student/faculty ID authentication

More detailed guidelines can be found in “Off-campus Access” on the website of Fudan Library.

In addition to VPN and library proxy server, the Information Office and the Library jointly launched a new service “CARSI resource sharing” on Fudan eHall, through which visitors have direct access to Fudan's purchased academic resources and other databases available on CARSI directly from outside the university campuses without VPN. 

Up till now, “CARSI resource sharing” provides access to major academic databases such as CNKI, China Online Journals, Web of Science, SCIENCE DIRECT and EBSCO.
Log in to Fudan eHall, enter CARSI resource sharing service, and all that is left to do is to search the resources you want.

If the library databases cannot provide the resources you need, you can try the document provision service. Fudan librarians will help you borrow the books and e-resources you need from other libraries, such as the National Library and the Shanghai Library. 

Document provision service is divided into two types: “Document Delivery” and “Interlibrary Loan”:

  • Document delivery service delivers photocopies of books, periodicals, conference papers, reports, standards, ancient literature and past newspapers from other libraries or databases.

Upon request, electronic documents will generally be delivered through emails. For paperbacks, users can choose to collect in person or to use a courier service.

  • Interlibrary loan service enables loaning of books from the libraries in collaboration with Fudan Library. The books requested can be picked up at the library you have selected after you receive the notification.

Moreover, when the new semester begins, Fudan Library will also provide one-on-one offline sessions with subject librarians who offer specialized reference consultations, library resource usage training and a series of other services. 

Fudan Library looks forward to your visit in spring.