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02 Feb 2021


Solar Term | Start of Spring


Start of Spring marks the beginning of a new round of solar terms, which falls this year between February 3 and February 17. At this term, refreshing breezes and light rain will gently wake up all living beings on earth. Southern China will finally bid farewell to inclement weather, while northern China will go one step ahead and enjoy some balmy days.

The ancient Chinese held rituals to pray for a bumper year at his term. The emperors visited farmlands and even plough the fields in person. Nowadays, people often take a trip on the first day of this term to celebrate the advent of spring. 

The traditional food for this term is spring pancake (Chinese: 春饼). You can feel the vitality and vigor of spring when you take a bite of this pancake wrapped around various stir-fried vegetable and meat fillings.

In China we have a saying that the whole year’s work depends on whether you can make good plans in spring. Wish you a good start of another year!

Read by Pan Huirunand Zou Minghao

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