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12 Sep 2021

University Affairs

Opening Ceremony 2021: Welcome, incoming Fudaners!


Fudan University held Opening Ceremony 2021 to welcome incoming Fudaners at Zhengda Stadium on September 10. Over 2,400 undergraduate and graduate student representatives attended the ceremony at the stadium, while the rest of the incoming students watched the live-streamed ceremony in different venues due to pandemic prevention and control measures.

Jiao Yang, Chair of Fudan University Council, presented the Fudan College flags to the freshmen representatives from the five Fudan Colleges, which are named after five late presidents of Fudan University. The five Fudan Colleges are homes of the undergraduate students in Fudan for their afterclass activities, which play a key role in improving students’ academic interest and extracurricular accomplishment.

President of Fudan University Xu Ningsheng gave a warm welcome to the incoming students at the ceremony, hoping them to explore their academic interests, set up academic aspirations and aim for lifelong personal development while pursuing academic excellence. He also encouraged the students to put their knowledge into practice and especially innovation, to see what they learn in a bigger picture, and to grow from trend followers to innovative leaders.

Xu asked the graduate students to first achieve academic excellence in university, and for the next step, deal with major problems of the country, and eventually contribute to mankind. He called on them to explore the frontier of science and tap unexplored areas, integrate their academic goals with national strategies, and strive to be talented leaders in the future.

In his remarks, Xu encouraged the students to devote themselves to the cause of national rejuvenation, aspire to climb new peaks of science, take the initiative to conduct innovative work, and achieve new heights in their academic capability and their life. The students were asked to bear in mind their responsibility of the times, strive to be top-notch talents leading the future and make full use of what this golden era can offer them.

Chi Nan, Dean of the School of Information Science and Technology, encouraged the students to aim high, pursue innovation, keep up with the trend of the times and set lofty aspirations. She hoped the students to pursue truth with unremitting efforts, take on important responsibilities and strive to contribute to national rejuvenation.

Wei Lan from the Experimental Class of Social Sciences spoke on behalf of the undergraduate students, hopes to live a fulfilling life in Fudan University through putting hard work in her course study and skill development so that she will be ready to add brilliance to the splendor of Fudan, China and the world.

Wang Zhengmin from Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University who spoke on behalf of the graduate students, said one should keep the courage to venture into the deep waters of scientific research, stick to one’s dreams and go all out, regardless of gains and losses.

Elena Jitari from the School of Journalism spoke on behalf of the international students. She hopes to devote herself to sustainable and green management and marketing, and contribute to building “a community with a shared future for mankind”.

The rest of the incoming students watched the live-streamed ceremony at separate sites.

Presented by Fudan University Media Center

Writer:  Wang Mengqi