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04 Oct 2021

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Scholars share views on chemical weather and chemical climate


On September 24-26,the1st Chemical Weather and Chemical Climate Youth Forum, jointly organized by Monitoring, Analysis and Prediction of Air Quality (MAP-AQ) Asian Office Shanghai, the International Centre of Excellence of the Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR) of Fudan University on Risk Interconnectivity and Governace on Weather/Climate Extremes Impact and Public Health (IRDR-ICoE-RIG-WECEIPHE), the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences/Institute of Atmospheric Sciences (AOS/IAS) of Fudan University, was held in Shanghai.

Speakers delivered reports focusing on the sources of atmospheric composition, observation of physical and chemical properties of atmospheric composition, multi-scale coupling numerical simulation in atmospheric chemistry and weather/climate, and interaction between atmospheric environment and weather/climate.

The forum attendees discussed a package of topics including the frontiers and challenges on emission source apportion of atmospheric components, development and application of atmospheric chemical transport model, physcio-chemical properties of atmospheric components and observations, and interactions between atmospheric environment and weather and climate.

Prof. Renhe Zhang delivered the opening speech on behalf of MAP-AQ Asian Office Shanghai and IRDR International Centre of Excellence. Prof. Tong Zhu and Prof. Mei Zheng of Peking University and Prof. Guy Brasseur of Max Planck Institute for Meteorology addressed the forum respectively as a member of of WMO-GAW Scientific Steering Committee, secretary-general of IGAC China Working Group and co-chair of MAP-AQ International Initiative. The forum was moderated by Prof. Yijun Zhang, vice dean of IAS.

Prof. Chunsheng Zhao of Peking University, Prof. Hong Liao of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, Prof. Aijun Ding of Nanjing University, Prof. Pingqing Fu of Tianjin University and Prof. Xin Yang of South China University of Technology and Prof. Lin Wang of Fudan University as well as over 100 young scholars from 30-plus research institutes all over the country carried out deep exchange on frontier issues in the field of chemical weather and chemical climate.

To wrap up the two-day forum, Prof. Mei Zheng and Prof. Aijun Ding spoke on behalf of the IGAC and MAP-AQ scientific steering committees, emphasizing the importance of chemical weather and chemical climate in discipline-specific and interdisciplinary studies and encouraging young scholars to engage themselves in relevant research.

Presented by Fudan University Media Center

Source: Department of Atmosphere and Oceanic Sciences of Fudan University