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30 Mar 2022

University Affairs

Yongping County donates local specialties to Fudan

By Li Yijie

On March 26, 30,000 bags of walnut products donated by Yongping E-commerce Center and 2,112 bags of pickles donated by Yongping’s Aqingsao Food Company arrived at Fudan University.

In recent years, Fudan has been facilitating the development of Yongping County, Yunnan Province by helping local people start up their businesses. Yongping County E-commerce Center and Aqingsao Food Company are two of the local enterprises growing rapidly thanks to the assistance of Fudaners.

Since the county was just lifted out of poverty two years ago, Wang Jue, a Fudaner stationing in Yongping County and now deputy head of the county, worried at first that these charitable donations may put huge pressure on their business, but the two enterprises insisted on helping as much as they could. 

“They told me that Fudan has been helping Yongping for 10 years. It is time for Yongping to pay back, and they want to help as much as possible”, said Wang. 

The two enterprises has been trying their best to pass kindness on to those in need.

In early 2020 when the pandemic just emerged, Aqingsao Food Company donated 30 tons of pickles to Wuhan, Hubei Province. Earlier this month, Yongping E-commerce Center donated 100,000 yuan to Fudan University Education Development Foundation to support the construction of a local kindergarten in Yongping County.  

Upon hearing the news of Yongping’s generous donation, a Fudan alumnus who has just started his business immediately contacted Wang Jue and said that his company would give priority to purchasing Yongping products in the future.

“Over the years, Fudan alumni have been one of the main contributors to Yongping. The affection of Fudan alumni towards their alma mater connects the heart and soul of Fudan, Yongping and its alumni,” said Wang Jue.

Now all products have been distributed to the students.