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27 May 2022

University Affairs

Happy Birthday! Fudan celebrates its 117th anniversary

By Wang Mengqi, Li Yijie

Today marks Fudan’s 117th anniversary, a flag-raising ceremony, which was also livestreamed on Bilibili and Weibo, was held on Handan Campus this morning.

Jiao Yang, chair of Fudan University Council, delivered remarks. She talked about the historical moments for the university and stressed it is through upholding the spirit of solidarity, service and sacrifice that Fudaners have overcome all kinds of challenges, and grown even stronger over the past 117 years.

Jiao said, in the unprecedented fight against the COVID-19 wave which broke out this spring, Fudaners are all fighters in this battle. She encouraged all the Fudaners, who join hands in weal and woe and stand firm with the university, to keep forging ahead in trying times.

Several representatives, who have made remarkable contribution to our country and university, also made speeches online.

“Today, we celebrate the 117th anniversary of Fudan University. As a member of Fudan, I am proud of the achievements Fudan has made in recent years,” said Zhang Wei, dean of the School of Microelectronics. Over the past years, the research team led by Zhang has taken the lead in fostering technological innovation, thus addressing the major strategic needs of the country.

Zou Hejian, Party head of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, spoke of the medical team he led that has been fighting at the front line in the hospital branch in Baoshan District in the last two months. Zou hoped all Fudaners could stay committed to our responsibility against all odds.

Hong Yannan, president of GMY Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd. and Fudan alumnus, said he was honored to take part in Fudan’s various inventions of sterilizing equipment, and he looked forward to the development of Fudan’s "new engineering disciplines”. During this wave of COVID-19, GMY donated 5 UV disinfection machines to Fudan.

Liu Daineng, an undergraduate of nuclear engineering major, shared his story of serving in the army. He encouraged all the young people to press ahead with their tasks, making contribution to our country.

Guo Fangyu, a student counselor from the School of Law, has led a volunteer team on campus in the past 2 months. She talked about her experience and hoped all the Fudan students can remain true to their original aspiration.

While celebrating Fudan’s birthday, we wish an even brighter year ahead for Fudan and all Fudaners!

Dear Fudan, Happy Birthday!

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